Memories of an Imigrant to the United States

Lucy Spencer's Dad, Peter Spencer, talk about the time that Peter immigrated to the US.

Interview with Donavin N.

Donavin N. is a young man with an interesting story to tell. This is his untold American story. We invite you to listen to this remarkable story told through an interview between Arianna and Donavin. Stories about one’s past is...

Veronica Airey Wilson and Doreen Forrest

Veronica Airey Wilson [no age given] shares a conversation with Doreen Forrest [no age given] about how they each came to the US and about their involvement in the West Indian Social Club.

Interview with Grandma

I interviewed my grandmother. I am Tinwin and I am 14 years old and my grandmother is 84 years old. we talked about her coming to the US.

Jacob Young – Interview with Trudy Young about Communication throughout her lifetime

In this interview, I (Jacob Young) interviewed my Mom (Trudy Young) about how communication has changed in her lifetime. We discussed, communication within education and communication when she was growing up in regard to her parents and family who are...

Vietnamese Parents Share Stories

Sarah Nguyen and Phoung Nguyen are a married Vietnamese couple who share their stories about life. They discuss about their experiences about being immigrants, people in their life who have interesting stories, and advice they have to the future generations.