A little look into the wild life of Glory Dadiotis, my grandma.

Linda Jacobs (Life before internet)

Interview with my grandmother (born in 1948) about life before the internet and modern technology

Madeline Feldman talking to her grandmother Karen Rosenstein about her life

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Oceanside, New York, Madeline Feldman (15) and her grandmother Karen Rosenstein (73) discuss her childhood and family. Karen shares an overview of her chapters in life. She shares stories about growing up...

Thanksgiving Podcast

My Grandma and I talking about how her life was and who influenced it.

Interview with my great grandmother

My great grandma, Irene Dzaidik talks about her parents coming to the US and how long she's had her driver's license.

SPCH 1311.198 Storytelling Assignment

SPCH 1311.198 Storytelling Assignment- Grandma and I

Bentsion Boverman

Even though life was hard in the Soviet Union, my grandfather Bentsion was well loved by his family, which allowed him to withstand the hardship and develop as a Jewish man.

Grandma’s achievements and wisdom

We discussed my grandmothers top greatest achievements in life. She talked about the person who influenced her the most in life which is her mother. Finally, she gave a piece of advice to hold onto forever.

Grandma Kim

My grandmother briefly talked about her life and funny moments.


My grandma, grandpa and me talking about the world.

Hannah Henley Interview

In this interview we talked about my grandmother’s childhood, her adult life, her high school/college, her jobs, and what she done up until where she is now.

hijacked to cuba

Grandmother was Traveling to Miami in the late 60’s. Unfortunately on your flight happened to be a Cuban immigrant who ended up hijacking the plane in order to get back to Cuba to see his family and return home. Unfortunately...

Interview with Grandma

Interview with my grandmother, Ella Mae Knight, who will be 90 years old this year.

Nancy’s (and riley’s) family history

I talked to my grandma (nancy white) about our family history! it was very fun we had a good time. Lots of laughs and tears

Our Grandmother

Here i interview my grandmother, as her granddaughter i ask her a set of 15 questions and she tells me about herself and how she grew to be the women she is today.

Interviewing Grandma

A story of growing up in the 1940s. Dani Miller,age 14, interviews her grandma, Joyce Quinn in Los Angles,CA. You will learn about her religion, careers, teachers, family members and hobbies through this interview. You will also hear about her...