Maxine Kilgore & Susan Hetler

Maxine Kilgore: 2020-12-07 21:40:58 Maxine Kilgore (13) interviews Susan Hetler (her grandmother) about important life lessons and memorable experiences. Susan Hetler shares her experiences at art school, her midwifery knowledge, and shares some very important pieces of advice.

Jess Nash

Jess Nash: Interview with my mom Carroll Nash

Liya Stein and Barbara Stein

Liya Stein (17) talks with her grandma, Barbara Stein (72) - 11/19/2020

Paul "Pat" Eck interviews his wife of 49 years, Sara Janet Eck during pandemic of 2020 and beyond.

Paul Eck: 2020-05-09 22:32:49. Pat Eck (73) interviews wife of 49 years, Jan Eck (70). Jan shared values, cares, dreams, memories and other wonderful things. The interview was conducted at home in Portland, Oregon.

My interview with Grandma Ruth StoryCorps Connect May 05 2020 4:00 pm

This is my interview with my Grandma Ruth. She answers some questions about her childhood and younger adult life.

Hemza Tarawneh and Pranav Gogineni

Hemza Tarawneh interviews Pranav Gogenini about challenges and memories. : 2020-12-06 01:55:53

Austin Paul StoryCorps Assignment 4/15/21

Austin Paul: 2021-04-15 03:04:55 This interview was performed from my home in Woodbine, KY. This interview was performed on my girlfriend Katie Smith concerning the events of COVID-19.

James McGovern and Jennifer McGovern

James McGovern(18) and Jennifer McGovern(49) discuss broadly the childhood of the latter. A discussion on the family structure and school life that helped shape Jennifer into whop she is today.

Test interview

Savanna Ritz: 2020-11-16 19:16:54

Gender Deviance and Divulgence

Roommates Romeo Morgan-Baldi (21) and Caitlyn Cook (21) discuss gender and the nuance of identifying somewhere off the pre-established gender binary.

Marianna and Papashorty speak about music, media, love, and The Delfonics

Marianna Davis (20) speaks with her grandfather, Leo Davis Jr. (65) about media and the ways it is consumed and discovered in various eras of the 21st century. Topics such as love songs, political music, and music mediums are covered...

Dylan Freno and Allen Tishman

Allen Tishman (73) talks with his grandson, Dylan Freno (18) about his life growing up in New York, his adventures in college and his time serving in the air force.

Mom Mom Sue “The Animal”
November 27, 2017 App Interview

My grandmom on my mother's side, her story of learning how to be laid-back and independent

Dorothy Nelson, 93 year old world war II survivor

Dorothy Nelson (93) talks with her grandson William (11) about challenges in her life.

Cadet introductions for 11/4/20 interview with Clarence "Tiger" Davis

Cadet introductions for 11/4/20 interview with Clarence "Tiger" Davis

Silas and Jessica Devereaux

Today, I (Silas Devereaux) interview my mom about her life.