Interview with Cindy Robinson

An interview with my grandmother Cindy Robinson.

Grandmas life

My great grandmother who is 88 years old telling me her favorite memories!

My interview with my grandmother.

This interview was between me and my grandmother. The interview was done in Spanish, because my grandmother only speaks Spanish. I had my cousin there to help my translations of the questions. (that is why there was a sound of...

Great Thanksgiving Listen

My mom and I interview my grandma who lived in a ranch in Tupicocha, Peru. Then talks about moving to a city and then to the US. Including memories of her children, regrets and how she’ll be remembered

How my grandma’s grandparents met and came to America.

In this interview, conducted On December 1st 2019 in Tarzana, California, Liam Hatzer interviews his grandmother Joan Hartley about the story of her grandparents meeting. She tells the story of how they were separated when her grandfather moved to America....

Jo Ann Convery Thanksgiving Interview

We talked about her childhood and what it was like growing up. We also talked about general things that she experienced throughout her life.

Grandma’s Stories

This was about my Grandma with me as the interviewer. She told me about her life. Her belief in God is strong.

Olivia and Oma in Delray Beach Florida on November 25 2021

Me and Oma talked about her life growing up and what her parents were like and how they met, then we talked about her work and what her job taught her in life. We also talked about how she became...


Me and my grandmother talk about her life and the life of our family.

My grandmother and I talk about her childhood, college, and JFK.

I interviewed my grandmother, Charmaine, about her childhood in the Midwest. I wanted to know what it was like to live through the John F. Kennedy assassination. I found out many different things about her parents and grandparents and what...

Interviewing our Savtah: her family and her outlook

The grandchildren of Karen Fernandez interviewed her just ahead of her 75th birthday where she treated the family to a wonderful trip to Florida. Her mother used to give gifts on her birthday when she was 75 and she wanted...

Naomi interview

Interview with my grandmother, Naomi Bridgeman. We talked about her early life and her views on motherhood!

My Nana
January 21, 2020 App Interview

My grandma talks about her favorite things in life and her least favorite.


This interview is to document the perspective of an elderly person during the COVID-19 pandemic.

My Grandmother’s Jobs — Teacher

In this interview, I asked my grandmother how she got to her job as a teacher and what jons she wanted before. She also explained what the jobs were like, and what her favorite was. At the end, she provided...

Julianna asks her grandmother about life in Argentina

Julianna Mitch (13) interviews her grandmother, Frances Maisano (76) about her life in Argentina versus the United States. She talks about her experiences in school, as well as the journey from Italy to Argentina. Frances also talks about her first...

Story Corps Oral History

i interview my grandmother on how her life was

Sophia Lasley Interviews Betty Ann Lasley 11-13-17

My grandma and I talked about her childhood, her favorite memories and her worst ones, and what she's learned in life.