Interview with my mom, Marie: Battling the Cold and Leaving to Get the Fortune (Extended Version)

I, Nikki Malazarte, interviewed my mom, Marie Malazarte, who has immigrated to the U.S. from the Philippines since 1990. My mom has stayed in the US for 30 years now. Through this interview, I hoped to provide my mom the...

Growing up in Guatemala

Stories of the civil war in Guatemala, growing up in the 1980s and early 90s.

October 30, 2017 App Interview

Mrs. Ellis's American Literature class visits an ESL class and interviews with Russian and Ukrainian immigrants

Guatemalan Pride

We are a culture of responsible hard workers. I had to immigrate for opportunities. One day I will return to my home country and the culture I love.

Interview with my mom Sandra

I ask my mother a few questions pertaining to her past

Adventurous German American Woman traveling in Remote Southern Mexico in 1959

Travel in remote Mexico to visit the Lacandon Indians in the jungle of Chiapas with a young documentary film maker in 1959. Travels of 19 year old Brigitte Heberle Stehlik and Manhattan Montana hitchhiking

Jack Pinnas

Jack Pinnas (81) talks with his grandson, Harrison Friedman (22), about his experience in Guatemala as a part of the Epidemic Intelligence Service, and how he almost had his head chopped off while delivering malaria vaccines.

Interview with my Mom

I interviewed my mom asking questions about her life and things she has gone through. I also asked about me. Overall I enjoyed listening to her answers. It made me learn more about her and it made me happy.

interview with my mom

my mom was born in Guatemala, here she talks about her life growing up.

Kelly Lopez

Kelly Lopez is a 26-year-old mom of three kids, working non-stop as a waitress and a student. Working with Kelly has let me learn more about her and how she is not only kind-hearted but one of the hardest working...

Entrega con Emma Cosigua

Ella se llama Emma Cosigua. Ella es de Guatemala, y ella creció en New Jersey. Ahora, Emma vive en Knoxville, Tennessee, con su esposo y su hijo.

Growing up in two different countries

I’n this interview two girls share their stories about growing up in Guatemala and Puerto Rico and then later in life both of the girls ended up moving to the US.

Mr cano talks about his experience

I talked to my school counselor and we were talking about migration and his experience in Guatemala.

Interview with my dad

It was about my dad life in Guatemala and his journey to come here in California.

Aura Aparicio and Nikte Pimentel-Aparicio

Aura Aparicio: 2021-03-04 01:12:57 Aura Aparicio (48) and daughter Nikte Pimentel-Aparicio (8) talk about important women in their lives on Women's History Month

Interview with my Immigrant Grandmother

My grandmothers journey traveling to America in her 20’s and the challenges she went through.

“For really big problems we use really creative solutions.” an interview with Daniel Irwin

Daniel Irwin’s first direct connection with NASA started in the small town of Flores in Guatemala. Amidst work dodging snakes and spiders in the jungle, he had a chance encounter with a researcher who handed him satellite mapping images of...

Paola’s Life

This is a short interview with my friend and colleague Paola about her heritage, goals, and ambitions

Amanda Stone, Natalie [No name given], and Tanya Smith-Sreen

Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Amanda Stone (30), Natalie [No name given] (33) and Tanya Smith-Sreen (25) share about their Peace Corps Guatemala experience. They talk about some of the challenges they faced as Peace Corps Volunteers as well as what...

Lexi McCown interview of Roger McCown

Lexi McCown interviews her dad, Roger McCown and discusses things like his early life and how he grew up. He tells stories of his unique childhood growing up outside of the U.S.

“It was unsafe to stay”

“It took 15 years to get my citizenship.” Yolanda Galvez stated on January 7th, 2020 as Margaux Reynolds who is 15 years old interviewed her about her immigration process to the United States in Los Angeles, California. She came to...

Conversation with Father

We talked about how he was raised and what his journey was like to get to the United States.

Interview with Tamo Keita (Mohamed Zoumanigui)

Tamo Keita is an immigrant from Guinea Conakry in Africa. Tamo came here when he was 8 years old in 2001 and he is now 25 years old. Tamo arrived here by plane after his father married a woman and...