History extra Credit
December 3, 2017 App Interview

An interview with my father in his immigration to America from India.

Megan McCormick and her mother Jennifer McCormick discuss growing up, family traditions, and developing one’s identity.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Gallatin, Tennessee, Megan McCormick (17) interviews her mother Jennifer McCormick (44) about what life was like for her growing up in the 70s as a part of a family with traditions that...

Derrick M Thompson Sr.

McKale Thompson’s talks to her grandpa about thanksgiving and Jamaica

Oma and Opa talk about childhood-move to US

Interviewed my grandparents separately about their childhood and then together about when they met and immigrated to the United States. Approximately the first 15 minutes was my grandma talking about the challenges she faced as a child in Romania/Germany. 15-30...

Emily Reznicek Loyola University SOWK732

Pari and Emily sat down to discuss why Pari’s family left India when she was young, what their experience was like as immigrants in the US and how things have been for them throughout the past twenty years. The interview...

Arianna Hermosillo & Irakere Picon

“It is a very specific cloud hanging over us. It just feels like we’re at pause.” Irakere Picon, an immigration lawyer who often represents undocumented immigrants — and happens to be an undocumented immigrant himself — talks with his wife,...

My mom and I

My mom and I talked about her immigration from Russia to Israel and then to America. She also talked about her transitions from one state to the other.

Interview with my 96-year-old grandmother, Laura.

My grandmother, Laura, grew up in Haiti and moved to the United States when she was 26. In this first part of our interview she discusses what it was like growing up in Haiti, why she left Haiti, and talks...

New immigration Mom interview

We spoke about my moms upbringing and experience immigrating from Cuba to America.

Janelle Spencer-Ramirez and her Grandpa talk about his life before emigrating to Chicago and his life in Chicago

In this inteview with my grandpa, Autemio B. Ramirez, 76 years old, we talked about his life in the Philipines before he emigrated to the United States and his life after he emigrated. We saw the similarities and differences between...

“Because I worked in migration, I had the opportunity to rescue all the value in my family’s immigration story”.

Gina shares her grandfather’s immigration story, experiences of being a migrant worker, the effects of transnationality on the structure and dynamic in her family, and her own journey of working with migrants.

Migration 732

Michael is a 31 year old Male who grew up in Lagos, Nigeria. In this interview we discuss his upbringing in Lagos, his move to the US, and his experiences and views on abuse, specifically domestic abuse.

SA to USA: Rogan’s Immigration Story

Rogan and I discuss his immigration to the United States from South Africa in a time of social and political turmoil. Rogan explores how his privilege in coming to the United States shaped his ability to assimilate into American culture.

Faustino Muro Interview

My grandfather talking about his experiences coming to this country.

An immigrant’s journey: From Venezuela to the U.S.
December 5, 2017 App Interview

This is the immigration journey of Marilyn, a Venezuelan girl who left her country, due to increased violence, and came to the US to pursue a better future

Laurie Johnson Interviews Jessica Rangel About Immigration and Economic Justice

This Interview was conducted as part of a class assignment for SOWK 732 Migration, Human Rights, and Social Justice, a graduate level social work course at Loyola University Chicago. The Interview mainly focuses on immigration and economic justice from the...