Laila – Brasil a Texas

We talked about perception of US culture, growing up in Brazil, moving to the US, and a little bit of Thanksgiving.

Dad’s interview

We talked about my dad’s family and how my great grandparents immigrated from Greece. We talked about his experiences and how that has an affect on where we are now.

Personal History Interview

In this interview, conducted in Colorado on May 20th, 2019, Jeffrey Li interviews his mother Danlin Liu about her life experiences and stories. She first talks about her childhood in China and what life was like in her hometown, as...

Unknown American: Ben Carter

Ben carter comes from a half philipino and portegues family tells stories of both sides

Immigration to America

Josephine's and her parents life in America and how and they came here.

Interview with Maria Castellanos

This interview is about Maria’s young and adult life. It’s about her journey through life and how she came to be who she is today.

Interviewing my mother Tracy Chen for The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We begin with my mother's childhood, then her career in PR before meeting my father, their relationship, struggles in having Jiming (my brother), as well as me and my younger sister Kelly, and her experience(s) immigrating to the US.

Oral History

I interviewed my grandmother on her experience being an immigrant from South Korea

Your history and how I came to be

I interviewed my mom on her history and how she felt about me as a person.