First World Problems and Reflecting on Immigrating 35 years Later

We spoke about Edwin’s choice to immigrate to the United States as a young adult and how he feels about it looking back thirty five years later.

Interview: Rebecca

An interview about immigration to the US from Ghana

Immigration project

Interview on the immigration of my grandmother moving from South Korea to America.

American Studies Immigration Interview
October 16, 2019 App Interview

An interview on John Fiffy’s experience from immigrating to America from Greece.

Unknown American Interview Project

The experience of coming to America for the first time and the culture shock that came with it.

Interviewing My Mom

I interview my mom and she talks about her childhood and her experience coming to the U.S.


Mom and I talk about growing up in India and Kuwait and what it was like to move to America

The Journey of Tom Nguyen

We talked about my dads journey to the United States and his military journey.

Interview of my dad

Interview of my dad where he explains how his family especially his mother has been the kindest to him. He shares the earliest childhood memory which was the earthquake of 1972 in Nicaragua. He wants people to remember him as...

A Hard Time in America

A young women moves to America with her husband and kids to help her family back home

Dad 11/19/18

We talked about Santanu’s life pre marriage and kids and his journey from India to the US.

Immigration interview

My journey from moving to the United States from Mexico. Here I explain my obstacles through my journey. How I felt mentally and how I feel as I am here living in the United States. I explain how I here...

The unknown

A conversation in spanish between a mother and a daughter about her mother’s life in the United States.

Amanda Bach’s Story

This is the life story of my mom and the difficulties she faced growing up in a place far from home.