Talking about Betty’s early and late life

In the interview on Sunday the 25 November 2018 we talked about a lot of things. One of the things that we talked about was her childhood. We also talked about the Emmett till case and also we talked about...

My Grandfather’s Life

My grandfather talked about his childhood and what life was like for him to grow up on a farm. We also discussed where life took him after his childhood

Interview with my partner

They talked about the vision of how he saw himself in the future, who are the most important people for him and inquired into his happy memories.

Great Listen Interview Project in El Dorado Kansas With My Mom

I, Selah Klayson, conducted this interview with my mom, Samantha Klayson on November 28th, 2017. We did this interview in my living room in El Dorado Kansas. My mom(Samantha)is 38 years old, and I(Selah)am 14 years old. In this interview...

interview with my dad

We talked about favorite family holidays, are religion, and childhood memories. Also we talked about relatives that played a big role in his life and when he is was going to become a dad.

Sasha Thompson and her grandmother Shirley Hamilton talk about how her childhood was like in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

In this interview, made in November 2021 in Nashville, Tennessee, Sasha Thompson (12) interviews her grandmother Shirley Hamilton (80) about some of her childhood in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Shirley shares her most important people in her life and the worst thing...

Interview with My Dad

In my interview, I spoke with my dad Geoffrey Clark. We talked about important people in our lives, gratefulness, and important life lessons that he has learned throughout life. Our interview, while being shorter in terms of time, takes a...

Life Through My Mother’s Eyes

My mother’s views on childhood, important influences, life lessons, career paths, spirituality, presidential elections, COVID-19, and parenting.

Dustin Arndt
November 16, 2017 App Interview

An interview with Dustin Arndt D. C. about his life

Move to the US

In this interview we talked about his memories of coming over to the US from Mexico. We also covered how different things were than he imagined.

Interview with Junbe

I asked my neighbor general questions about his life. An interesring experience consider I have known him for years but never truely know who he really was.