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“Voices of Vision”: voucher holder seeking opportunities moves speak

Mother of middle schooler talks about opportunities at her son's elementary school and why she stayed in her community because of the educational opportunities despite initial racial profiling she received.

Housing Mobility Counseling

Shamira, an ICP Mobility Assistance Program counselor, talks about her work with families looking for housing in low crime areas with higher performing schools and the post-move assistance she provides.

Voices of Vision: Voucher Holder Seeking Opportunities Moves Speak

Jasmonae talks about growing up in Plano as a child and the positive impact of living in a diverse community had on her after her mother moved her family from Dallas with her voucher.

A Chat with a Resident of Inclusive Communities’ Sublease Initiative: an Answer to Voucher Discrimination

Mr. Dixon talks about how the Inclusive Communities' Sublease Initiative provided him access to housing in a low poverty desegregated area at a complex that would not take his housing voucher.

Fighting for neighborhood equity in the Tenth Street Historic District, a Freedman’s Town

Ms. Cox, President of the Tenth Street Residential Association, shares her memories and an urgent message to preserve the neighborhood. The Tenth Street Historic District is one of the few Freedman's towns left in the City of Dallas.

“Voices of Vision”: Voucher holder seeking opportunities moves speak

Ms. Harp, ICP’s first Sublease Initiative tenant, talks about her new neighborhood that she was able to access after her two month housing search.

Housing Mobility Counseling

Kay, an ICP Senior Mobility Assistance Program Counselor, shares her love for her work as a housing mobility counselor and the help she gives clients by negotiating with and reaching out to potential landlords.

“Voices of Vision”: Voucher holder seeking opportunities moves speak.

Danielle talks about the value of the post move assistance she received from her ICP housing mobility counselor while living in her unit with her housing choice voucher.

“Voices of Vision”: Voucher holder seeking opportunities moves speak

Ms. Revels, a housing choice voucher holder and ICP client, shares her excitement to move to her new home which will be across the street from her job.

Housing Mobility Counseling

Nicole, ICP's Mobility Assistance Program Director, talks about her experience and how move-related financial assistance and landlord incentive bonuses help during families' housing searches.

“Voices of Vision”: Voucher holder seeking opportunities moves speak

Former public housing resident talks about her family’s experiences after moving to low poverty non-segregated neighborhoods with her housing choice voucher.