The Success of My Immigrant Grandfather

This the story of my grandfather who immigrated here from India in the late 1960s. He started two very successful businesses that are still thriving today.

Week 1 interview

Interview my friend who has a very strong Indian culture background.

interview with amar kosaraju

my uncle told me abput his life as a child, growing up, and being an Indian in the Airforce

Interview with grandma

I asked her questions on what it was like growing up, spirituality, school, and other things

Obama and Alabama

What does Obama call somebody who has no body no nose and no last name? Nobody knows ... Obama's last name SKIP the FIRST 42 seconds, it is just silent and awkward My mom and I talk about an array...

Devi Patel and Reshma Bell

Devi Patel (67) is interviewed by her daughter Reshma Bell (38) about growing up in South Africa, marriage, moving to America, and Reshma's marriage.

My Mentor and her intercultural Marriage

In this interview, conducted in June 2018 in Chicago, Illinois, Aysha Ahmad (17) interviews her mentor Anabel Chavva (27) about her graduate school experience and intercultural marriage. She talks about meeting her Indian husband in Ireland and how they work...

Bertel King and Alexandra Slusher

One Small Step partners Bertel King (31) and Alexandra "Alex" Slusher (63) share about their experiences with identity, Bertel expanding on his identity as a black man, and Alexandra talking about being the daughter of an Indian mother. Bertel and...

My Mom and I.

I ask my mother about her childhood and what it was like.

Kobe and Jaiden 12/2/22
December 3, 2022 App Interview

this is an interview between me and my roommate jaiden who’s heritage is Indian. this interview goes into his past and how it has affected him today.

Me and my Grandma

This is an interview which is between my and my grandma. We are Indian and she in on the phone as she is talking from India.

Interview with Ronald Cash

My grandfather talked about his mom and dad, his child rozland and his life growing up

The Life and Experiences of an Indian Woman in America

In the interview, the life of Lipika Nayak was discussed with her daughter Janeisha Nayak as they delve into concepts of struggles in the medical field to maintaining a strong hold in spirituality while moving across the globe.

Damon Fizer Talisha Fizer second period 2

We talked about his life and about my grandmother.

Preston Arrow-Weed, Ila Dunzweiler, and Helena Arrow-Wood

Friends Preston Jo Arrow-Weed [no age given], Helena Quintana Arrow-Weed (78), and Ila Mae Dunzweiler [no age given] discuss their non-profit radio station, some plays that Preston has written, and thoughts they have about outsider representations of Native Americans.

Rebekah Williams and Amanda Williams

Rebekah Williams (54), talks with her daughter, Amanda Williams (31), about her childhood, her faith, marrying an Indian and experiencing both acceptance and racism, and her optimism.

US Food History – Ms. Lori talks about her relation with Food

Food is the fundamental building block of life - it relates to family, home, culture, traditions, nutrition, health and ethics. Ms. Lori talks about her relation with food in general, its importance, and the changes she has over time in...

Seema Lakdawala and Cannon Roberts

In their One Small Step Conversation, Seema Lakdawala (40) and Cannon Roberts (47), discuss their identities as "Indian" and how they relate to that word differently as someone from India, and someone who is Native American, as well as their...