Becca Begnaud and Cecilia Wells

In-laws Becca Begnaud (71) and Cecilia Wells (44) discuss Cecilia's background as a member of the Indigenous Ampskapii-Pikuni ("Real People") tribe, also known as the Blackfeet tribe, as well as their work with and relationship to Indigenous art, language, and...


Joyann Namelo who is 23 years old. She shared about cultural knowledge or values (Humility)

HI 360 first half

Indigenous health disparities and the effects of a changing diet

Dylan Running Crane and Sean Chandler

Dylan Running Crane [no age given] interviews her colleague Sean Chandler (51) about his perspective and connection to his art, language revitalization, and Indigenous culture.

Chaaski/Chasqui [no name given] and Bobby Sanchez

Chaaski [no age given] and their significant other, Bobby Sanchez (24), reflect on their queer identities, the impact of their upbringing, and culture clash.

Lucy’s Interview

interviewing my Tia Lucy, my dad’s oldest sister, while my dad is in the hospital recovering from his liver biopsy for his cancer diagnosis.

Jitdram Kapeel

This is an interview with Mr. Alle Sorimle who has been a teacher with Kwajalein Public Schools for 39 years. This interview discusses one of the infamous Marshallese proverbs, Jitdram Kapeel, through his perspective. He outlines how this way of...

Naleen Naanee and Hillary Frost

Friends and coworkers Naleen Naanee [no age given] and Hillary Frost [no age given] come together to talk about their friendship, the Native community, and the organization New Mexico Community Capital. They also talk about what they are most proud...

Jitdram Kapeel

This interview discusses one of the infamous Marshallese proverbs, Jitdram Kapeel, from Mr. Joel Jeik's perspective as someone who works closely with Iroojlaplap Michael Mañiñi Kabua.

Gary Cook and Miguel Tórrez

Friends Gary Medina Cook [no age given] and Miguel A. Tórrez (47) talk about their lineage, genealogy, and connection to Taos, Nex Mexico. They also talk about ethnogenesis, the Taos Raid of 1760, and Genízaro identity.

Cory Carline and Joseph Torres

Cory Carline (33) interviews their adopted uncle, fairy godfather, and forever mentor Joseph Torres (58) about how his identities have informed his life. Joseph shares reflections on being gay and Two Spirit as well as his Indigenous Mexican and Oneida...

Shirley Pino and Sage Mountainflower

Colleagues and friends Shirley “Mama Shirley” Pino [no age given] and Sage Mountainflower (47) reflect on their journeys in the fashion industry, the people who inspire them, and the future of Indigenous fashion.

Jerilyn DeCoteau and Rick Williams

Colleagues and friends, Jerilyn DeCoteau (74) and Rick Williams [no age given], discuss the term "indigenous" and its implications regarding identity and tribal sovereignty. Both also speak about the benefits and services meant for individuals who are members of sovereign...

Diane [No Name Given] and Rose Herrera Figueroa

Cousins and descendants of Andres DeHerrera and Miguel DeHerrera, Diane [No Name Given] (39) and Rose Herrera Figueroa (56), discuss their family history. They talk about being descendants of enslaved Navajo people and how that history has impacted their lives....

Isaac Madson and Eleanor Francis

Mother Eleanor Francis [no age given] and son Isaac Madson (37) reflect on their relationship, recount stories from the past, discuss their Navajo identity, and pass on wisdom to future generations.

Cynthia Gomez and Amanda Gonzales

Cousins Cynthia Gomez (68) and Amanda Gonzalez (42) talk about their grandmother Rosa Maria Chavez, their identities, and how they are finding healing through uncovering their family history.

Janet Riley and Philip Riley

Janet Riley [no age given] and her son Philip Riley [no age given] share a conversation about their relationship with radio and with each other, particularly their experiences hosting Singing Wire, a radio show on KUNM. The two also reflect...