Roger Dunsmore and Josh Slotnick

Josh Slotnick (57) interviews his friend, Roger Dunsmore (84), about his experiences as a teacher, writer, and time during the American Indian Movement.

"Three Generations of Ice Cap Expertise." an interview with Sinead Farrell, Walter Meier, Ellen Buckley and Jackie Richter- Menge

What starts as a conversation about arctic change is actually an all-encompassing discussion about career growth, patience, and personal growth. Walt Meier, National Snow, and Ice Data center, introduces us to Jackie Richter-Menge, US Arctic Research Commission, who has spent...

Liz Gamboa and Jake Foreman

Coworkers Liz Gamboa (61) and Jake Foreman (35) reflect on their experiences working in finance with New Mexico Community Capital.

Caroline Palmer and Beatriz Menanteau

Friends and colleagues Beatriz Menanteau [no age given] and Caroline Palmer (53) talk about their shared work at Safe Harbor in Minnesota and how they got involved with anti-trafficking work within the public health sector. Together, they discuss the implementation...