Hannah & Hope Yoder

In this interview I discuss my mom’s industry and life lessons learned along the way.

"We're really just scratching the surface about how the earth works." an interview with Daniel Minguez

Daniel Minguez, a geophysicist for Chevron, helps create new geologic models of the earth’s layers, trying “to build geologic stories for how different geologic elements got there.” Daniel discusses his work which focuses on boring techniques and navigating plate tectonics....

Venise Curry and Kurt Madden

One Small Step partners, Venise Curry [no age given] and Kurt Madden [no age given] discuss their families, influences, and approach to different challenges within the Fresno community.

Martin Greenberg and Micah Silverman

Martin Greenberg was interviewed by his grandson, Micah Silverman. They talked about Martin’s experiences during WWII and Gnome Press,which was started by Martin after he returned home from the war. Gnome Press was one of the first science fiction publishing...

The Great Listen a History of Life

This is a brief history of how my grandmother went from small town West Virginia to Rochester, New York.

"It's not data science, it's just science." interview with Dawn Wright and Mark Parsons

Dawn Wright, ESRI and Mark Parsons, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, share with us their journeys into data mapping, and how the field has grown, including at AGU. Before AGU embraced mapping scientists, people were starting to leave AGU. Now, they’re back,...

Recording – 12-06-2023 18:55:18

me(15) and my mom(44) discuss the question prompts and talk about topics such as industrial decline and legacy.