Preparation Matters: A Resident’s Perspective

Resident, Katie McGeoch, talks about her immersion in a 2nd grade classroom and what she has learned these first few days about the profession.

Attending Teacher: A Reflection on the First Days

Attending Teacher, Nathan St. John, reflects on the impact of a resident on his practice in the first few days of a new school year.

Preparation Matters: A Resident’s Perspective

Resident, Maria Leuci, discusses her new perspective on teaching after being in the New Visions STEM in the high school program.

William Beachum continues to interview Char Rosenbaum about her life and living through events like world war 2

In part 2 of this interview, we talk about how pets have impacted my grandmothers life. We also talk about what she feels is the greatest invention of our times. We also talk about how increased communication has changed the...

"We have to learn to live off of the planet–we can't take everything with us." an interview with Steve Clarke

Steven Clarke, NASA’s Deputy Associate Administrator for Exploration, discusses his life in science and engineering. Currently tasked with bridging NASA’s efforts on human and robotic missions to coordinate scientific requirements for going to the Moon and Mars, he has seen...

Preparation Matters: A Resident’s Journey

Resident Ryan Schuette discusses his first days in the classroom and following in his mother’s footsteps into the profession of teaching.

iCampus – Luther Jeke with Lawrence Yealue

Lawrence and Luther chatted about their personal experiences and the work they do at iCampus and Accountability Lab Liberia