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I interviewed Melanie with the intent to get to know her more than just a classmate I have a class with. The questions I asked all connected in a way that didn't feel forced to ask.

Jaxon Arnette Interview

Me and Hadix talked about his interests a lot. We bonded a lot over musicals.

The adventures of curiosity

What are you most curious about, and how long people stay focused on one idea.

U1 Storytelling Interview (Helen C.O.)

hi this is my submission for my College Success class, this is a fun interview with friend about her interests and likes.

Chelsea Espeleta and her mom Cora Espeleta talking about U.S. citizenship and the family dynamic

In this interview, conducted on November 30, 2017, Cora Espeleta (50) is interviewed by her daughter Chelsea Espeleta (17) about getting her U.S. citizenship and the Espeleta family dynamic. Mrs. Espeleta shares more about her childhood back in the Philippines...

Diego’s Interview

I interviewed my little brother Diego Reyes today. It was fun just sitting down and talking!

Leo’s Interview

This is an interview of my cousin leo. I ask him question the let to who he is and his interests. Leo is a college student who is interested in paleontology. A very imaginative person and a man who has...


My name is Mirna I am 17 years old and today I interviewed my classmate Daisy who is 16 years old. We discussed about what she enjoys doing and any sports she’s into. We also talked about what she dislikes...

Oral History Interview

I had an interview with my friend Logan Allen and he is 16 and we discussed a lot of different things like his interest and how he plans to further his education after high school.

Noel and Grandma LeQuetta’s Interview

This interview is on my grandma and her life experiences, thoughts, and people who impacted her life.