Charles Irestone and Georges de Giorgio

Charles "Chuck" Irestone (52) talks with his friend Georges de Giorgio (91) about his most memorable sailing adventures, the Antarctic expedition he completed, and the famous friends he's made.

Kayla C. and Judy B.

Kayla is a college student and Judy is 79 years old. They first became friends when Kayla's class on bridging the gap between generations brought them together as communication partners during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, they have developed a...

Kathleen Morrissey and Akemi Anders

Longtime friends Kathleen Morrissey (71) and Akemi Anders [no age given] discuss Akemi's firsthand account of the end of WWII in Japan, Japanese-American identity, and the importance of friendship and cultural connection.

Gretchen Addi and Marcia Weisbrot: Multi-generational friendships
September 27, 2022 App Interview

Board of Directors Storytelling Project: Our sixth and final StoryCorps conversation is between SFV Board Co-chair Gretchen Addi and Board member Marcia Weisbrot. Although they have different professions, Gretchen and Marcia share a background in creative and visual arts. They...

Amy Cilimburg and Caroline Lauer

Friends and colleagues Amy Cilimburg (56) and Caroline Lauer (28) talk about their intergenerational friendship, passion for working on climate change, the organization in Missoula where they met, Climate Smart Missoula, and the importance of pushing oneself to be uncomfortable.

Caleigh Heitmann and Candace Barrett Birk- Intergenerational Storytelling

Caleigh, a college student at the University Massachusetts Amherst, is matched with a community volunteer, Candace, to participate in a semester long storytelling project together for Caleigh's class entitled "The Epidemic of Loneliness. After establishing a new intergenerational relationship, they...

Tomik Dash and Robert Levine

Tomik Dash [no age given] interviews his friend Robert "Bob" Levine [no age given] about his first time in Cherry Grove on Fire Island and about his career as a drag performer starting in the 1950s. They discuss the impact...