Ken Mejia-Beal and Kim Hunt

Kim Hunt (57) and her friend, Ken Mejia-Beals [no age given], talk about their lives and work, particularly related to intersectionality within activist movements and communities.

A Word with Dr. Robin

(Updated 1/6/21: Edited to improve sound and decrease overlap caused by delay.) In an overdue reunion, Robin Wilson graced me with an hour of her Sunday to share her story. She passed down a major portion of my teaching-for-justice toolbox...

Student Mindfulness and Intersectionality

Nancy and JQ talk about the SNC community, being a sociology major, a Cassandra Voss Center staff member, and how we bridge all of these ways we think about ourselves and others.

Identity, family, culture and intersectionality

Discussion with Rishika Gokhale about family, identity, living in three different countries, culture and intersectionality.

3rd Generation Jamaican in Britain

I interviewed my friend Neicia who I admire a lot because she is an extremely successful woman, and she has faced a lot of struggles to be where she is incluiding, discrimination from her own community. She once told me...