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Recording – 11-20-2023 11:54:55

I Kelly Bullano interviewed Ethan Nguyen. I interviewed him about his likes and dislikes and were he is in school

Judith Nole and Rich Fisher

Judith Nole (62) interviews her colleague, Rich Fisher (59), about his 41-year career at Public Radio Tulsa and the station's upcoming 75th anniversary.

My Mothers LIfe Through Music

This interview includes James Grenoble (21) interviewing his mother, Christiana Wilson (55,) on how music has influenced her life. The interview covers how a 55 year old views music now to how she viewed music when she was younger, gives...

Luke Breci and his dad talk about what it was like growing up with a large family.

In this interview, Luke (13) and his father (50) talk about what it was like growing up with a large family. They also talk about what it was like moving from South Dakota to South Carolina. Along with (dad's) favorite...

Final History project

In this interview I talk and ask my father about himself and his opinions about history and the world around us.

interview aunt

I interview my aunt about her life and the experiences that she has been through. she talks about her happiest moments and many other things. I am able to learn more about her

You Are Only As Good As Your Last Croissant

Cooking is a form of art and so many people love making and eating food. On January 6th 2019 in Los Angeles California, Jack Beerman interviewed his grandmother Sarabeth Levine to learn about her early life as a pastry chef....

Jean Odom and Johnnie Odom II

Johnnie Odom II (42) interviews his mother, Jean Odom (77), about how she accidentally ended up at Elvis Presley's funeral and about her experience living in Memphis, TN around the time of his birth.

Interview with Lisa

Hi there, I'm Lilian and I am 21 years old. Today I got the pleasure to interview my cousin, Lisa, who is 28. We discussed some major points in our lives such as our happiest moments as well as our...

Interview with Wyatt Michael

I interviewed my buddy Wyatt Michael who is 26. We spoke about his career in music, moving as a kid and other topics.

Kelly Rouba and Karen Palazzini

Kelly Rouba (30) talks to her friend Karen Palazzini (30) about learning to become an advocate for other people with juvenile diabetes, and what it’s like to live a normal life with a disability.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

This was my interview of my Aunt Sue Chertock. We talked about her accomplishments, and she focused on her children. She is also a teacher and used to live in the USA, but when she was little she moved to...

HUM115 individual interview

I interviewed a coworker about advancing in a workplace or choosing education.