Sunday Soup and Stories: Brainchild of Harriet Castrataro and Vicki Pappas

Nearly 200 soups and nearly 100 stories have been shared at the Sunday Soup and Stories club in Bloomington, Indiana. The 20 or so members help choose the date, the host, and what they will bring: an appetizer, a soup,...

Jane Hopke & Scott Acord

Jane, a self-described pansexual with ADHD, grew up in an ultra conservative family with a professor for a father. An awkward child, unable to achieve perfection in school or meet her parents’ other unobtainable standards, Jane turned to food and...

Navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic as an Emerging Adult- Part 2

Caroline Fitzgerald (19) talks with Tessa Doody (22) about how she is navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic as an emerging adult who is making the transition from college life to the real world. She discusses how the pandemic has impacted...

Gloria Park and Julia Kim

Gloria Park (50) conversates with her daughter Julia Kim (19) about the meaning they’ve each created for their personal lives, their ideas around home and self care.