Matthew and father

A overall good interview about my fathers life.

War and Innocent

Aya talks about her childhood memories of the war in Iraq.

Story telling with Dad

I asked my dad questions about what shaped him in his life. I also asked questions about what was important in his life.

Eric Terashima and Sam Wheeler

One Small Step partners Eric Terashima (53) and Sam Wheeler (53) talk about their careers, the people they most admire, and their political values.

mother and daughter talk about the Iraqi depression
November 26, 2018 App Interview

The Iraqi depression impacted the lives of everyone in my mother's daily life. I decided to sit down with her to talk about the continuity of the problems that arose during the depression.

Dad interview

We talked about my dad just being deployed and how he adjusted to life being in the navy and overseas.

GTL 2017 CHS Keating W2 Chris Kim

This interview was conducted by Chris Kim on his neighbor Alex Barriera.

War on Terror

My father talked about his opinions and feelings about the 9/11 attacks and the aftermath.


It is about my dad and his service during the war

Ryan Dion talks with Elizabeth Sortino about his life and time in the service

Ryan talks about his life and jobs, one of them being stationed in Iraq at a time of war.

Mike Jones and Cooper Pyle, Army and Iraq War

Mike’s experience in boot camp, Kuwait and his tours in Iraq.

It’s Always Hard to Say Goodbye

When I was at war it took me a while to recover but I think it was a life changing experience.

Great Thanksgiving Listen Interview With Julio

He talked about being positive and keeping your head up. He also talked about the positive things the government does.

Carlos Torres and Brenda DelValle Relationships Matter

This interview is about a Military Man and His Civilian Relationships.

War time views with my grandmother

We start off with the cold war era conflicts and issues. Then we delve into current conflicts and issues

Ty Harris and Kaylea Harris

Ty Harris (50) speaks with his daughter Kaylea Harris (19) about how his career in the Air Force shaped his family, explains the political context of the Iraq War, and remembers some of the people he met while there. Ty...

Me and my mom

My mom and I talked about her first car and Iraq.

Mike Honsinger Iraq War

We talked about Mike's opinion on the War and what he thought the purpose was for it.

Yasir Mahboba and Evelyn Garey

[Recorded: Thursday, April 27, 2023] Yasir (22) and Evelyn (21) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Yasir is an undergraduate student at the University of Virginia studying biology on a pre-med track. Evelyn is also an undergraduate...

How media helped connect a soldier to his family.

This interview highlights the career of my dad Mike Greene. Mike is a soon to retire Senior Chief Petty Officer EOD Tech in the U.S. Navy. He covers his time in the military, and how media helped him connect to...