English interview pt. 2

Talked about war and life after the war.

My mother’s Journey to America
May 2, 2022 App Interview

Iman Alabes talks to us about why she moved to America and how her choice affected her life.

9/11 interview

I learned that it was 4 planes involved in the 9/11 attack. Also I learned that there were a lot of people that help out the people that got hurt during the attack. During the time the U.S. was going...

Jeffrey Nagy and Andrew Nunn

Jeffrey (42) and Andrew (29) talk about how the became close friends while being medics in Iraq and treating war casualties together.

Interview with my mom about the Iraq War.
November 27, 2018 App Interview

I learned a lot about the Iraq War from my mom’s point of view.

Things about Daddy

Father/daughter q&a with daughter interviewing. Questions about childhood, family, military service and parenthood.

My Hero

Today I interviewed Scott Shroeder an Injured veteran

Lt. Colonial Jeffery Tomlinson millitary experience

Lt. Colonial Jeffery Tomlinson recounts his experience in the US military. Particularly being an Battalion Liasion Officer in the army in Operation Desert Thunder.

Talking to a baby boomer about her life

She talks about how she grew up to a poor family to being a retired principle. She tells us about her connections to her students. She also talks about the wars that effected her. And now she lives a luxurious...

Iraq war

My uncle Ken’s thoughts and emotions on the war in Iraq, speaking about how he felt then and what the effects are.

Dad’s First Interview
April 13, 2018 App Interview

My dad's take on historical events mostly throughout the 90's.

Me and future me

How my dad was like when he was a child and how he grew up and became the man he is now.

Per 3 History interview

Me and my uncle talked about his past life. I learned a lot of information from listening him answering my questions.

Life as a devil dog

What it is like to be in the marine corps and what it takes to join from the perspective of a veteran.

Military history

We talked about how military life was and what his experience was.

Iran and Iraq war

This is an interview with my mom about the war between Iran and Iraq in the 70s and 80s

Interview with dad (Jared Hagedorn, Ex-marine)

Discussion on service during operations enduring freedom and Iraqi freedom with a first division marine