My mom (spanish)

My mom talks about her life in a small town in Mexico, where she was born.

My dad and I

We talked about my dads childhood and his biggest influence, his grandma. He grew up from age 3-8 with her as his guardian and he loved her very much!

Seder 2019

Steve Goodglass and Myra Fender talking about their grandparents

Common Ground Tacony Oral History Project: Cyril Van Landingham

Originally from Connecticut Cyril moved to Philadelphia to live with his Grandparents after the loss of both of his parents. Cyril and I talk about his day job working in the school system, how he went to Fisk University and...

Interview with my Grandma, Bernice Weibrecht

She told ya about her grandparents and her parents. She told us about how she and Grandpa met and dated and their early years of being married.

Gmaw Freed’s interview

We talked about my Grandfather, and her family and grandparents mostly.

Childhood and now

Me and my grandma talked about her school life and her life now and about me

Safa Razvi’s Life Story…so far

In this interview, I asked my younger sister Safa about her perspective on life so far and how she has dealt with changes and reflecting on the good memories she has experienced.

Sisters Carol McVicker and Teresa von Marbod talk about their family cabin on Kalispell Bay at Priest Lake, Idaho

Sisters Carol and Teri share stories about their family cabin on Kalispell Bay. Their family first came to vacation 100 years ago, when their greatgrandparents came for their honeymoon in 1916. They focus on the relationships created at the lake,...