Compassion Blog 5

A discussion between Isabelle Ruan, 19 years old, & Chelsea Qiu, 57 years old. I’m Isabelle and Chelsea is my mom. We reflected on her childhood and growing up in 1960s China.

Indira Garcia and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: Indira Garcia was born in Chile during the 1973 Chilean coup d'état, which had a significant effect on her childhood. She was raised in Mexico with a strong focus on intellectualism and family bonds. She...

LHP Interview Immigration – Daniel Mirza

I’m Daniel Mirza who did an interview with my mom Victoria about her process of immigration and new life in America.

The Sarkisians and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: An interview with multiple generations of the Sarkisian family, where they share how their ancestors fled the Armenian Genocide, their lifestyle growing up on the family-owned farm, establishing a legacy in Andover, and how their...

American studies Immigrant project interview

This interview is between me, Dominic-15, my mother Maria-49. I ask her questions on how it was to immigrate from the dominican republic to the united states. The interview is in spanish

Kris Szovati and Craig Wheaton

One Small Step conversation partners Kris Szovati (52) and Craig Wheaton (69) talk about their careers in education, both in and out of schools, as well as their families and their political beliefs.

Immigration; Then and Now

William Vasquezi, age 15, interviews his grandmother Vera Torres-Tortelli, age 65, about her immigration from Brazil to the U.S.

Interview with Michael – Immigration Project
October 11, 2022 App Interview

Interview with Irish immigrant “Michael O’Neil

Ezri Peterson talks to her grandmother Betty Peterson about her family

In this interview, recorded November 28 2022 in Denver, Colorado Ezri Peterson (15) interviews her grandmother Betty Peterson about the origins of her side of the family. Betty shares that her grandparents had come from Russia. She also says that...

Korean Immigration in the Early 21st Century

My name is Sunjae Lee, and I am a 17 year old junior attending Glenbrook South High school. For my Living History Project, I interviewed my mother based on events that I researched throughout her life.

immigrating to america interview

My name is Louise and my mother is Flavia. We are both first gen immigrants. in this interview, I interview her to tell us her story on what it was like moving to America and what it is also like...

Jacqueline Fierro and Gustavo De Los Rios

Friends Jacqueline "Jackie" Fierro (23) and Gustavo De Los Rios (25) discuss growing up on the border and what they've learned from their six months dancing together.

Living History Project

My name is Emily Schultz and I am 16 years old. My interviewee is Alan Wade who is my cousin and we talked about the Immigration process.

Interviewing Javoy Griffiths

In this I interview Javoy Griffiths about his journey and immigration to America from Jamaica.

Priya Mahadevan and Allan Stam

[Recorded Thursday, December 14, 2021] Priya (50s) and Allan (60) recorded a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. They talked about their experiences living in various countries around the world, immigration, family, and their shared love of cooking.

Global Arizona

An interview with Ed Kirdar, who was worked in avenues across the world and developed a lot of global experience.

Interviewing my favorite teacher
December 23, 2021 App Interview

We talked about her life, her experiences, her job, and her family.

Ben interviews his Pop Pop

Bennett B. Interviews his Pop Pop from Italy. The interview starts off with Pop pops life in Italy and slowly makes its way to present day. The story goes all the back to 1940 up to thanksgiving day 2019. The...

Interview with Carmen Iglesias
December 26, 2022 App Interview

Carmen Iglesias was born in a town run by a Boston Sugarmill company in Cuba. Today we interview my grandmother about her time as a citizen in Cuba. We get to hear first hand experience about how Cuba was like...

Interview with Lily Hoang

Lily Hoang shared her experiences as a child and how these experiences have impacted her life.

La vida de mi tía Janet

Mi tía, Janet Rodriguez, 37, nos cuenta su vida que ella y su familia tuvieron para tener la oportunidad de vivir cómodamente. Ella describe todos los desafíos que tuvo ella y su mamá, para soportar la familia en Ecuador y...


I did this interview with a very close aunt of mine. I did it in Spanish as it is easiest that way for her. I wanted her to understand the questions fully. I got to learn about her story from...

Interview with Elaine

We talked about immigration from Mexico which is her from. How she thinks and feels about immigration. Thanks for interviewing with me.