Interview with Lily Hoang

Lily Hoang shared her experiences as a child and how these experiences have impacted her life.

Immigration; Then and Now

William Vasquezi, age 15, interviews his grandmother Vera Torres-Tortelli, age 65, about her immigration from Brazil to the U.S.

El Pasaje de mi Papá- interview with my dad

Through this interview, I was able to learn about the voyage that my dad had coming to this country. This interview is a glimpse of the life of my immigrant father becoming a citizen.

Interview With my Mom

A little conversation with my mom about her childhood in Vietnam and about her dreams for the future.

New Beginnings

On December 3rd, 2022 I interviewed my boyfriend Luis about his experience in moving here from Venezuela. The recording contains first hand accounts, stories, and raw emotions. Listen to the whole interview to understand his optimistic outlook on life, his...

The Boat To a New Cluture

On November 24th in Los Angeles California, 14-year-old Jason Marounian interviewed his dad, Arthur Marounian. Arthur Marounian was an immigrant from Lebanon. He came to America because of the civil war in 1983. When Arthur was a kid he played...

An Interview with my Mom: Culture and Experiences
November 26, 2018 App Interview

My mom talks about her childhood experiences in India, how religion has impacted her life, and the cultures and traditions of India vs. those of the United States. She also talks about coming to the United States from India and...

Immigration from a Vietnamese boat person.

Justin Phan talks with his nephew about the immigration process following Vietnam and how he built his life in a new country.

My Pal Julia

I talk to my friend from dance, Julia, who was adopted from Russia with her twin sister Andrea. We talk about her being an immigrant at the age of 15 months and what she remembers about Russia.

“I don’t know if I could do it again at this age…”

Immigrating wasn’t easy but it was an exciting adventure. Arianna interviews her dad Roberto about immigrating to the US from Mexico as a youth.

Esmeralda imigra a Milwaukee, WI

My aunt immigrated to Milwaukee, WI to have a better future and had to overcome the obstacles and get usted to life in the US.

My amazing aunt Lilly
December 24, 2022 App Interview

On December 24 of 2022, Naava Richlin (16) interviewed her aunt Lilly (56) about growing up in Ethiopia and being the first one in her family to leave the country. She immigrated from Ethiopia to France just after high school...

Indira Garcia and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: Indira Garcia was born in Chile during the 1973 Chilean coup d'état, which had a significant effect on her childhood. She was raised in Mexico with a strong focus on intellectualism and family bonds. She...


I did this interview with a very close aunt of mine. I did it in Spanish as it is easiest that way for her. I wanted her to understand the questions fully. I got to learn about her story from...

Compassion Blog 5

A discussion between Isabelle Ruan, 19 years old, & Chelsea Qiu, 57 years old. I’m Isabelle and Chelsea is my mom. We reflected on her childhood and growing up in 1960s China.

The Life and Traditions of a Family of 7.

Isabella Mardigian interviews her aunt Isabella Pirri about family, legacy, and the holidays. Recorded on Thanksgiving Day 2021 in Latham, New York at Nonna and Nonno’s house, the interesting stories about war, immigration, and early life in America with 5...

Klymer Baylo moves from Honduras to Michigan for education

My aunt Klymer and I talked about how she moved from Honduras to the United States when she was 18 and completed high school, and college in Michigan and then eventually moved to California.

Immigration Act of 1990 Interview

Interview with my older sister about immigration about my grandfather and opinions about it.