The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019

This is an interview between me and my nana in her living room in New Jersey on December 1st, 2019. We talk about her life as a kid and how life has changed since. We also talk about what my...

Thanksgiving 2021

I talked to my great grandmother over thanksgiving.

An Interview With My Mother: Marcy Hairston

In this interview, I talk to my mother about her past Thanksgiving traditions, and our current Thanksgiving traditions.

Brother Interview

This interview was about me asking 8 questions about my brother life, for an example like what was his favorite memories, and what lessons he learned threw out his life.

Sister Interview

This was a 9 question interview about her life and they way she was when she was younger.

Interview with Mom Mom (Carolyn Krach)

Interview with my mother on Thanksgiving November 2016

Gratitude Havelka

We talked about things we are thankful for and what growing o was like for my mom

An interview with my father John Pack

My dad and I talk about food and agriculture throughout his lifetime

Grandaddys Thanksgiving interview

Grandaddy talks about gardening, Thanksgiving, and wonders around different topics.

Thanksgiving Interview

I've asked 3 close family members and interviewed them some questions. I interviewed my two older brothers and my mother.

Thanksgiving 2017

I discussed with my grandmother about her life and what she learned throughout it. Born January 1st 1933 in Bronx, NY.

Thanksgiving listen

Conducted an interview with my father about his values in life and briefly touched on his experience with the Armenian Genocide.

Thanksgiving Oral History

Talking to my good friend, Brandon, about his Thanksgiving traditions

ThanksGiving Interview Pt 2

Today I interviewed Mr. Earl Cooper on life experiences in his past 64 years.

Tammy Thanksgiving
November 22, 2017 App Interview

Two margaritas in... And some life lessons too

A Mother’s Thanksgiving

My mother tells us a little bit about her past Thanksgivings.

Thanksgiving Interview

We talked about influences and joys in life. My aunt and uncle gave advice as well.

The “American Dream”

I interviewed my mother about what the “American Dream” means to me.

Thanksgiving with my grandma

My grandma was there before I was born and she knows our family


A little info on my sisters personal life