Interviewing Javoy Griffiths

In this I interview Javoy Griffiths about his journey and immigration to America from Jamaica.

Franklin Thompson Sr.

Summer 2022 Franklin, Denise and kids (Franklin III, Skye & Lucca) came from NY to visit along with Jennifer and Donovan. The grandkids interviewed grandpa.

From Jamaica to The USA

I interviewed my Mom, Laurene, on her thoughts on immigrating from Jaimiaca to America as well as her thoughts on both countries.

A Loquacious Lesson with Laurèl

In this interview, Marcella Rolle interviews her mother, Laurèl Rolle. Laurèl shares her anecdote about her life as an immigrant from Jamaica, and how it has shaped her into the woman ,and mother, she is today.

Peace Corps Jamaica – Emily
April 27, 2018 App Interview

I asked Emily about her thoughts on moving to Jamaica for her Peace Corps assignment.

A Tale of Two Plantations Connecting Lives 200 years later

In this talk the historian Richard Dunn talks to Colleen Rodgers about the book he wrote that chronicles the lives of her ancestors in the 1770s that lived on the Mesopotamia Plantation in Jamaica.

A Grandfathers Legacy

Lawrence D’Oyleys life story from Jamaica to Canada go the USA. How God has shaped and led his life to where he is today and the blessings he’s experienced in his life.

Life in Jamaica

An interview between my grandmother and I. We spoke a little about the passing of my grandfather and life before and after living in Jamaica.

Jamaica and its wonders!

The experience of Cecilia Daniels in Jamaica and her love for Bob Marley.

Around the World

We dove into were Cody was born and lived throughout his life in different countries and how it has shaped him


I spoke to my grandmother about what it was like for her growing up in Jamaica. I also asked her about her trip to Europe as an adult.

new surroundings

me and my dad talk about him moving to a new country

Immigrating from Jamaica for school
November 12, 2022 App Interview

We talk about the culture shock faced when immigrating. We also address how identities were laid upon him when getting to the US. Lastly, we talk about his future in America and what he'll teach his kids about his transition.

Peace Corps Jamaica: David
April 21, 2018 App Interview

Peace Corps Jamaica. April 2018. David served as a Peace Corps Volunteer for 3 years.

In Your Own Words with Dr. Kemi Fuentes-George

As a celebration of Black History Month, February 2018, Middlebury College's Davis Family Library has initiated a series of oral interviews, "In Your Own Words." In them, Literatures & Cultures Librarian Katrina Spencer engages members of the community who trace...

Hailey Nesbitt (14) and her mother Patricia talk about immigration and the differences between Jamaica and the United States.

Hailey Nesbitt (14) interviews her mother Patricia Rose about her childhood in Jamaica, Her thoughts on the United States before Immigrating, Her thoughts now, the culture shock, the differences and the opportunities this country has to offer.

Interview with Julie Chow-Wah

Rebecca Chow-Wah interviews her mother, Julie Chow-Wah on what it was like growing up in Jamaica. She discussed many valuable life lessons, experiences with living in three different countries, work life, and childhood stories.

Let’s have a conversation luv (take 2)

This is a engaging conversation between me and my sister about life experiences and feelings.

Jamaican Interview

Interview of a Jamaican-American immigrant.