Don Atkins: Growing Up in Rural Minnesota & Enlisting in the Navy (1935-1948)

Donald W. Atkins talks to daughter Michelle Atkins about growing up on a farm in rural Minnesota in the 1930s. Interview recorded in 2008 as part of the inaugural National Day of Listening.

Marty Bisch and Emily Feit

Marty talks about his interest in Zydeco music, his children and his work as a hostage negotiator in the Seattle police dept.

Before It’s Gone.

As her mind becomes less reliable, some of my mom’s favorite stories from her time growing up in Utah and going to Germany when dad was in the army.

An interview with my inspiration: Jane Calder

Today i interviewed my piano teacher of 9 years. Over the nine years, I only knew about her past students and children. Today I wanted to know more about her childhood, career, passions and proudest moments.

Gricelda talks about her life in Richmond, raising a daughter while balancing two cultures, and her hopes for Richmond

This interviewed was done with the assistance of a translator. Gricelda talks about things she misses from Mexico (food!) and what types of culture events would be fun to incorporate into life in Richmond. She also talks about how she...

Olga Giordano – Willowood x PC

Pedro Damasceno (17) speaks to Olga Giordano (96). Interview hosted by Pine Crest’s Photography Club at the Willowood Brookdale resident center in Fort lauderdale, Florida. c/o Pedro Damasceno

Interview with Moms Friend

Interviewing my Moms friend who is an actor, and she talks about her experiences.

Interview with my dance director, Carlo Darang

Carlo discusses his experiences of the LA dance industry, San Diego dance community, years of directing and teaching, and sharing his talents between many people around the world. Carlo is a member of Kinjaz, directs Choreo Cookies and Gwown Ups,...

Henry Ortega and Sheli Cryderman

Henry Ortega, 87, interviewed by his friend and fellow Mariachi group member, Sheli Cryderman, 38. Henry talks about developing an early love of music growing up in Oakland, his many memories as director of Mariachi Ortega, and sings some favorite...

Tatiana Orlov and Linda Wang

Tatiana Orlov (27) tells Linda Wang (23) her reasons for moving to New York City, how her interests changed from working in the Music Industry to Community Involvement, and how she became involved with the non-profit organization Art for Change.

Brandy Tolbert and Sarah Padgett

Sarah Padgett (24) interviews new friend Brandy Tolbert (34) about Brandy’s childhood, her family, and her children. Brandy also talks about her role as the director of the Literacy Alliance and how she discovered her passion for literacy work.

Interview with Grandma

I talked with my grandma mostly about her younger years in a small town in Texas and how her life has played out.