Marion Masada and Charlene Kiyuna

Charlene Kiyuna (67) interviews her friend Marion Masada (87) about her childhood experience of being imprisoned in a Japanese internment camp during WWII and the subsequent struggles she faced after her and her family were released.

Eleanor Hertz, 100 years old of Bremerton, WA

Eleanor Hertz is 100 years old and has lived in Bremerton, WA her entire life. Eleanor speaks about her early childhood, living in a Navy town during WW2, including Japanese internment, the most amazing technology in her life (radio), and...

Kenneth "Yaya" Kimura: childhood interned

My grandfather Ken, who I call "yaya", talks about his childhood in the Poston Japanese internment camp. He speaks about his career in commercial art and how he met my grandmother, whose maiden name was Lynne Swisher.

Lisa Doi and Mary Doi

Mary Doi [no age given] interviews her daughter Lisa Doi (29) about her work as an organizer at Tsuru for Solidarity advocating for the Japanese American community, the history of the paper crane, the evolution of folk art in the...

Llyn Kawasaki and Alice Chung

Llyn talks about her family's experience in a Japanese internment camp. She talks about the impact that had on her family and community, and then the conversation moves on to her personal history as she reaches a huge milestone -...

Yoshio Murakawa and Dina Pecceu

Yoshio Murakawa (76) talks with his daughter Dina Pecceu (46) about his family history and experience during Japanese Internment during WWII. Yoshio shares about where this grandparents and parents are from in Japan and how they immigrated to the US...

Nikiko Masumoto and Korio Masumoto

Siblings Nikiko Masumoto (34) and her brother Korio Masumoto (28) talk about their experiences as Hapa Americans, growing up on a family farm, and their connection to their family, their Japanese identity, and to their grandparents.

Family story of Red Cross

The Red Cross broke into the Japanese internment camps to deliver first aid.

Oh, the places we’ve seen!

Sharon Wakamoto, an OC resident for almost 60 years, but born in Los Angeles spent a few years as a young child, during WW2 in the Japanese internment camp or War Relocation Center as it was called, at Gila Bend,...