Dora EE

How she felt growing up, and what kindness means to her.

Treat People With Kindness

We talked about meaningful moments in our lives and how we hope to be remembered.

Lou Ann Ashley and Jennifer Harris

Friends Jennifer Harris (45) and Lou Ann Ashley (68) share a conversation about their work as teachers, their friendship, the challenges they have faced, and their favorite teaching memories.

Lisa Sims, Paige Spencer, and Grace Sims

Lisa Sims (63) and her daughters, Paige Spencer (35) and Grace Sims (25), sit down for a conversation about their fondest memories, career goals, and spiritual experiences, as well as the love they have for one another.

Bobbie Wainner and Robyn Wainner

Robyn Wainner (45) interviews her mother, Bobbie Wainner (77), about her childhood, her memories of growing up during segregation, parenthood, and life lessons.

a cup of tea with family

it’s about my aunts child hood and how that affected her a lot.

Robert Fletterick Interview
August 30, 2022 App Interview

I’m Ellery I am 14 and I interviewed my dad.

"It's not the money in the bank, it's the money in the relationships with your family that matter most."

I interviewed my grandfather about his life. We enjoyed a good conversation where I got to learn new things about him and while we enjoyed some quality bonding time together.

Jaxon Milam interviews Garnett Hilt on November 26, 2022

On November 26, Jaxon Milam (13 years old) interviewed Garnett Hilt (75 years old) while on vacation in Homasassa, Florida. Garnett Hilt is Jaxon Milam’s grandmother, and talks about topics ranging from her childhood and work life to things that...

Lisa Kennedy and John Harper

Daughter Lisa Kennedy (42) and father John "Jack" Harper III (71) discuss Lisa's childhood and the challenges of divorce. They also talk about parenting and how faith is important in their family lives.

Debra Brown and Dorlis Notto

Sisters Debra Brown (67) and Dorlis "Regine" Notto (64) share a conversation about the coronavirus pandemic, their childhoods, their parents, and their family.

Mary’s relationship with mom. The life lesson learned from her.

Mary and I talked about the different aspects of her life especially the ones with her mother involved. Also, the things in her life she is or was most grateful for.

Asking my mother about her childhood

I asked my mom some questions about her childhood and learned some things that I never knew. She had some rough times as a child. As I live with her today I can see how much she’s grown since she...

Dave Smith and Pam Smith

Dave Smith (75) and his wife, Pam Smith [no age given], discuss their high school relationship, share memories, and recount how they reconnected years later.


Briar is 8 years old talking about her best friend her memere❤️ at camp dragonfly 2023. Briar is here with her mom and Linda.

Grandmother and Grandson

A few questions about the life of Mona Fleisig

Thanksgiving 2022
November 24, 2022 App Interview

I interviewed my grandma Ruthan Perdue who is 68 years old and we talked about just how much her grandchildren and being kind people means to her.

Gregory Tackett and Eunice Cho

Eunice Cho (33) interviews her mentor, Gregory Tackett (44), about the many adventures he has had and the wisdom that they have brought him. They discuss his travels, his sexual and national identities, his closest relationships, his spiritual experiences, and...