Tracey Mendelson and Diane Mendelson

Tracey Mendelson (53) speaks with her mother-in-law Diane Mendelson (76) on Diane's life growing up as part of a Jewish family in Osceola, Arkansas, her family history, and cherished family memories.

Life Decisions and What Matters with Carol Cole Kleinman, M.D.

This was an interview by Eleanor “Ellie” Kleinman (age 53) with her mother, Dr. Carol Cole Kleinman (age 78). We spoke about important life decisions, decisions about her career (first as a lawyer and then as a psychiatrist), going to...

Interview with Carol Cole Kleinman – Childhood Memories

This is an interview of Dr. Carol Cole Kleinman (age 78) by her daughter Eleanor “Ellie” Kleinman (age 53). Topics discussed included growing up in the Kansas City area, discussion about her relationships with her parents, siblings and friends. Also...

The World is Changing

A son talks to his grandfather about his travel around the world and the lessons he learned.