Ari Witkin, Cindy Witkin, and Jean Rivkin

Ari Witkin (34) speaks with his mother, Cindy Witkin (63), and grandmother Jean Witkin (89) on their varying intergenerational experiences growing up Jewish, family characters, and Jean's involvement philanthropically.

Sarah Sexton and Joseph Lieber

One Small Step partners Sarah Sexton (42) and Joseph Lieber (58) discuss secular versus religious Judaism, interracial families, and their different definitions of patriotism.

Deborah Steinig and Steve Steinig

Deborah Steinig (49) shares a conversation with her father Steve Steinig (76) about their respective upbringings, Jewish identity, diversity, and the ways in which the world has changed from Steve's childhood to now.

Anne Sanderson and Emily Sanderson

Emily Sanderson (28) interviews her grandmother Anne Rae Sanderson (83) about her life, family, and about the things that make her proud. The two reflect on the love their family has for each other and how impactful they have been...

Annette W. and Elijah Wiseman

Elijah Wiseman (17) talks to Annette W. about her childhood and being Jewish in today's world.

Sheryl Olitzky and Atiya Aftab

Atiya Aftab (53) and her friend and cofounder Sheryl Olitzky (65) discuss how their interfaith, multicultural friendship inspired them to start their non-profit, Sisterhood Salaam Shalom which is a program that encourages friendship, dialogue, and action among Muslim and Jewish...

Robin Stein and Hanni Myers

Robin Stein (67) interviews her friend Hanni Myers (90) about her experiences growing up in Austria during the second World War, her family's escape to the states, and her experiences learning, traveling, and building intergenerational relationships in the U.S. and...

Roger Lewis and Franchesca Peña

Franchesca Peña [No Age Given] interviews conversation partner Roger Lewis (69) about the people who were most important to him including his parents and his fourth grade teacher. He also talks about his wife who stood by him through getting...

Evan Bednarz and William Kershner

Evan Bednarz (30) talks with his colleague William Kershnar (24) about the role religion and faith play in the social justice movement. They talk about the work they do in the Catholic Worker House in Houston, the complexity of the...

Joan Stein Jenkins and Sarah Jenkins

Joan Stein Jenkins (54) and her daughter Sarah Jenkins (27) talk about Judaism and Jewish culture in their family, anti-Semitism, visiting Israel, and their family's immigration to the United States.

Intergenerational conversation between two disabled women: Judith Heumann and Alice Wong

On January 9, 2018, Alice Wong interviewed Judith Heumann for the Disability Visibility Project with the StoryCorps app. Judy talked about growing up as a Jewish disabled girl in Brooklyn, her family, and the need for disabled people to find...

Recording – 12-03-2023 21:09:10

I (14F) interviewed my mom (52F) about her Israeli identity and her life. We spoke about her time in the military, her life in apartheid South Africa, and the Oct. 7 attacks.

Marla Zafft and Nathan Danziger

Marla Danziger Zafft (44) has a conversation with her father, Nathan Danziger (80), about his summer camp days, attending Culver Military Academy, and his military service which took him to Germany.

Ann Louise Olson and Amy Pepper

One Small Step partners Ann Louise Olson (67) and Amy Pepper (60) consider how their Jewish faith and careers have shaped their values and political views.

Lindsey Halman and Tonya Trub

One Small Step conversation partners Lindsey Halman (44) and Tonya Trub (47) spend an hour discussing the experience of raising a single child, the differences between equity and equality, and the ways that faith inform their political perspective.

Beq Parker and Kenneth Wetcher

One Small Step participants, Kenneth "Ken" Wetcher (80) and Beq Parker (72), talk about their political views, identities, and differing ideas about the military.

Katrina "Katt" Jeanne and Teriyana Morton

Teriyana Morton (28) interviews new friend and StoryCorps conversation partner Katrina "Katt" Jeanne (40) about her experience discovering that the man who raised her was not her biological father, learning about her genetic and ethnic makeup, and getting to know...

Nina Howard and Shoshanna Howard

Nina Howard (57) talks with her daughter Shoshanna Howard (27) on Mothers Day about her immigrant mother and her own experiences raising her son and two daughters.