Thomas Fisher and Christie Keegan

One Small Step partners Thomas "Alan" Fisher (66) and Christie Keegan (73) discuss their views on gun ownership and their shared concerns over the tenor of our current political climate.

Serena Melder and Kate Young

One Small Step conversation partners Serena Melder (40) and Kate Young (47) talk about choosing what you believe, manipulation, the way faith brings peace, living in a Christian cult, and finding your power.

First Love

Jill van Haaften, 55, was interviewed by her daughter, 15, on the story of her first love. She tells the lovely story of how she fell in love with her first husband and all of the kind and caring things...

Jim Newman and Cathy Eberly

[Recorded: Wednesday, January 18, 2023] Jim (72) and Cathy (67) sit down to record a One Small Step Conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Jim discusses fox-hunting, his experience losing his wife, and his reasons for identifying as an Independent. Cathy talks...

Emily Pierce interviews her mother Karen Pierce

Emily Pierce (daughter) interviews her mother (Karen Pierce) In their small house on a cold november 28th in there living room.Karen Pierce is a loving mother of 4 kids, two daughters (Emily Pierce, Elizabeth Loverencic) And two sons (Robert Pierce,...

Mary’s Life, the decision to keep moving forward no matter the obstacles.

My mom had the time to sit down with me a explain some things about her life growing up. She came from a biracial background and sometimes had a hard time. She was a young mom and wife, and now...

Joleen Webb and Justin Richardson

One Small Step Conversation partners Joleen Webb (63) and Justin Richardson (31) talk about values they had growing up, the significance of Election Day, how Jesus would have been a Democrat, trickle-down economics, and growing up in a different time...

Chloe Borgmeyer and Eva Danner-Horton

Chloe Borgmeyer interviews her grandmother, Eva Danner-Horton, a former county commissioner of Livingston County, MO. They talk about growing up and making changes in their community.(: 2020-11-27 16:21:52

Rudolf B. Schmerl and Sonia Schmerl

Rudolf Schmerl tells his daughter, Sonia, about fleeing Germany during the Holocaust and vowing never to be a coward and never to be silent.