The War at Home: My Mother’s story

One in three women have experienced domestic violence worldwide; most of this violence is intimate partner violence. Eighteen percent of all relationships are interracial or multicultural. This project focuses solely on my mother's experience and telling her story of survival....

Childhood and Other Things

My mother and I discuss our childhoods and life choices.

Mohammed Qureshi shares his childhood experience with Rayaan Ali- The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Mohammed Qureshi talks to his interviewer, Rayaan Ali about his days of growing up in Pakistan. He also mentioned his life values and what it means to them.

Tell Me About Your Childhood

My mom talks about her experience growing up in South Korea and the friends she has created at various stages in her life. She also talks about her experience moving to the United States and maintaining these relationships.

My Mom and the Philippines

My mom recalls her early childhood in the Philippines and compares it to her current life in the US.

Just me talking about my child therapists.
December 19, 2017 App Interview

This is my first submission, it's definitely not going to be the best. Most of what I could say here is covered in the interview, so just keep an open mind and try to enjoy.

Interview with my little sister

I interviewed my sister about growing up while she mostly talked about her love of dogs.

A Child’s Perspective: Post Separation

Jamie interviews her son Trevor, 8, to understand how he feels about being an only child and his thoughts about his parents not being together for the past 3 years.

Puerto Rico From the Eyes of my Great-Grandfather and Grandmother.

In this interview, Teresa Villanueva and her father, Miguel Perez will speak about their memories from their time in Puerto Rico and New York City, as well as why they chose to travel between the two.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2018: My Grandma’s past – An interview with Chriselle & Nora

In this interview, Nora Ballesteros talks with her granddaughter, Chriselle Tegel, about her childhood in the Philippines. They discuss Nora’s hardship as a single mom, family responsibilities as the eldest child, high school experiences, and life lessons.

Early 90's in Oregon City

My mom on her childhood and growing up across the river in Oregon City

Stories and Words of Wisdom from my Dad
November 25, 2018 App Interview

This recording is about my dad, tales from his childhood, tales from his adulthood, and his philosophies.

Mackenzie and Mark talk about being in the navy and daily life.

In this interview, me and my dad Mark talked about many things that included being in the navy, his work life now, and his hobbies. He had a lot to talk about when he was in the navy. He told...

Jessica Talks About her Childhood

This interview is between two friends. It's focused on the interviewee's childhood and her values, as well as what it was like for her to grow up.

“Share with people, tell them how much you love them, don’t wait until they are dying to tell them what they mean to you.” – Mrs. McCann

Husband and wife talk about their childhood and what is was like to grow up with a bunch of siblings. Mr. and Mrs. McCann discuss what it was like having to share one bathroom with nine other people and taking...

Interview with my Grandma: Experiencing Life in the Philippines in the 1900s

This interview details my grandma's life from childhood to present day with an emphasis on her life in the Philippines and the opportunities she had growing up.

"Be Your Greatest": The Story of Two Black Teens from Wichita, Kansas

My aunt and dad reminisce about racial tensions, dumb decisions, and run-ins with the law in the Middle of Nowhere, USA. If you like comedic, feel-good stories about smalltown life in the 80s, then give it a listen!

Me and my Mom

I interviewed my mom because she is a very special loving person and always has a fun story to tell.

Naja and her grandmother, Beverly Davis, talk about her experience immigrating to this country, their family, and her childhood.

In this interview, conducted on December 5, 2018 Beverly Davis shares, with her granddaughter Naja, some experiences of overcoming challenges when she first came to this country when she was 27. For example, she describes how it was a lot...

“I should have never been given a BB gun at that age.”

When Andrew Walski was 9 years old, he received a BB gun for Christmas. In this interview with his young brother, Ethan Walski, he recalls an incident in which he ends up shooting his toe.

Sweet Childhood with Lolo and Lola

This is the story about my mom, Ditas Campo's happy childhood in the Philippines. She grew up surrounded by love and a big family. Listening to my mom's childhood story makes me realize the importance of making memories and to...

Zack Arrington Interview- The Great Listen

I learned a lot about Zack's childhood and the lessons he has learned.

AP Psych Interview with my Grandfather

I interviewed my grandfather about his early childhood memories in his neighborhood in Jamacia Plain in Boston.

Zack Tenerowicz talks to his brother Dylan Tenerowicz about memories and aspirations. (starts at 2 minutes)

Zack Tenerowicz does an interview with Dylan Tenerowicz about memories from childhood and about different aspects of his life. (starts at 2 minutes)