I asked my grandma about her childhood and job.

Valentina Deng and her mom Maggie share some comments on life

In this interview, recorded on November 2020 in Alamo, California, Valentina Deng (13) interviews her mom, Maggie Deng (53) about life. Maggie talks about how school has had a big impact on her life, and how all the hard work...

De L’Argent ou du Bonheur?

We talked about my dad’s choice to quit being a banker and go back to school to get a different degree. Which did he value more? Happiness or money?

Mason Flynt Interview

Me and My Dad talked about his childhood and life when he grew up. Also, we discussed his job and how he fell into it.

My grandfather job

I asked my grandfather John about his job as a firefighter. Around 1minute he starts talking and telling me about his life and what he’s seen and experienced. Around 13 minuets I asked him questions about his religion and how...

Interview of Damion Anderson

Marcus is a mostly white 14 year old, autistic, homeschool student. Damion is a half black-half white, 44 year old. geriatric nurse. This interview is actually an Oral History project that Marcus was doing for school. Marcus ended up talking...

Interview To My Mother by Leandro Garcia

In this interview, I asked my mother from Santa Clara, Cuba about her job as a physical therapy assistant. We also covered some moments of her childhood and lessons she has learned from many experiences.


We talked about her life as a teacher as well as happily married like with her her husband.

Taylor Hartman talks with her dad Mike Hartman about his 31 years working as a Firefighter

In this interview, Taylor Hartman (18) talks with her dad Mike Hartman (58) about his days working at the fire department, which he describes as the best days of his life. Mike Hartman is a retired Fire Captain and Paramedic...

123 – Josh C

I sat down with Joshua C. and talked about his backround and our life

A Look into Grad School And STEM Fields

I interviewed my sister about her life and career goals and her experiences in the college, grad school, and STEM communities. As a high school senior, I found it interesting to hear about the life outside of traditional college. I...

An interview with my mom

In this interview, we talked about my mom’s experiences with me as a child as well as my mom’s experiences as a child herself. We then discussed my mom’s job and workplace, including her journey leading up to the current...

Cyril’s childhood and job experience

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 San Diego, Loïc Delattre interviews his father Cyril Delattre about his childhood and his job experience.

Interview with Mom

Interviewing mom about why she became a teacher.

11/26/18 – Interview with Dad

There was the mention of the importance of education, life lessons, professional satisfaction and growth, stories of moving between countries (and the courage in doing so), retold WWII anecdotes, globalization, and some dating advice.

Work life part 2

On November 14, 2018, Anna Brandon interviewed her father Joesph Brandon. During this interview we covered Joesphs career and job satisfaction.

"Knowing The Worth Of A Dollar Bill"

Jennifer Wilkinson is a women who has grown up with divorce parents. Living with divorce parents was a struggle for her but somethings she never was told about. Listen now and uncover many life lessons about divorce parents, kids, college,...