Terry and Lavaughn talk about everything from politics, when they were young, one of their children, and one of their grandchildren.

Vida profesional

En esta entrevista se hablo sobre la vida profesional de Susana Lozano y de lo que le gusta de au trabajo.

Sarah Leach interviewing step dad

My step dad talks about his career and the processes behind it. He also gives solid advice to future generations.

Mother and Son

I asked my mom questions about herself

Dads interview

Interview with my my dad about his carrer

Terry Brimhall and How Brim’s Chips was started

Terry Brimhall grew up do different jobs, and these jobs then led to him starting his own company. He also valued education and through his college career was able to back his company.

Great Fall Holiday Listen

My interview with my mother, Joy McCorriston

Do you love what you do for a living?

This is an interview between my mother and I about her job satisfaction and journey to her current career.

“It’s always been the two of us”

John Scott (77) and his wife Marilynn Scott (83) talk about their exciting life together. Mr. Scott speaks fondly about his career working for AT&T and remembers memories from when he was in the navy.

A journey of work and learning.

The interviewee, Marco, tells a short description of his childhood life and household. Moreover, Marco, describes his job, and the lessons it taught him.

"Knowing The Worth Of A Dollar Bill"

Jennifer Wilkinson is a brave, powerful women who has gone through many things. Many things that changed her life for the better and worst. Listen to her story and gain life lessons you might’ve not have heard before about college...

my moms job

interview w my mom about her job at wells fargo bank and important moments leading up to it

courtney’s interview

We are currently in a car going on vacation! While we are in the car i decide to ask my sister some cute little questions!

My mom and I

I interviewed my mother general questions about her life growing up. We talked about things like her job, figuring out what she wanted to study, and her memories as a kid.

Reporter to Librarian

Aimee Lockhardt has been a librarian at Dover Public Library for 8 years. Before that she worked as a reporter for a local paper. We interview her about her transition from reporter to librarian and why she decided to make...

Mock interview

Mock interview for research methods. This is a sample of a couple of questions I'm asking and the route I'm taking.

North’s project

Basically I ask luis negrete the questions my teacher told me to ask him