Great Fall Holiday Listen

My interview with my mother, Joy McCorriston

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I started off asking my mother about her childhood and relatives. I later on asked her about her life when she had kids and started working. I asked her about how the people she interacted with influenced her life.

A journey of work and learning.

The interviewee, Marco, tells a short description of his childhood life and household. Moreover, Marco, describes his job, and the lessons it taught him.


I asked my grandma about her childhood and job.

Talking to Hylunar Gudjónsson about his life growing up, living and working in New York and life lessons he’s learned.

In this interview, I sat down with my family friend from New York City, Hylunar Gudjonsson. He talked about growing up in Iceland, his job as a consul general trade commissioner for Iceland, his wife Lulu and their wedding day,...

Work life part 2

On November 14, 2018, Anna Brandon interviewed her father Joesph Brandon. During this interview we covered Joesphs career and job satisfaction.

courtney’s interview

We are currently in a car going on vacation! While we are in the car i decide to ask my sister some cute little questions!

Mason Flynt Interview

Me and My Dad talked about his childhood and life when he grew up. Also, we discussed his job and how he fell into it.

Vida profesional

En esta entrevista se hablo sobre la vida profesional de Susana Lozano y de lo que le gusta de au trabajo.

My mom and I

I interviewed my mother general questions about her life growing up. We talked about things like her job, figuring out what she wanted to study, and her memories as a kid.

For school

Interviewing Tom a friend of my family’s for many years I ask him about jobs he has held his childhood and growing up was born in 1940s had many siblings and along life.


We talked about her life as a teacher as well as happily married like with her her husband.

Dads interview

Interview with my my dad about his carrer

Interview with Mom

Interviewing mom about why she became a teacher.

123 – Josh C

I sat down with Joshua C. and talked about his backround and our life

Great Thanksgiving Listen
January 12, 2019 App Interview

The first part of the interview with Michael talking about his job and his experiences there.

Taylor Hartman talks with her dad Mike Hartman about his 31 years working as a Firefighter

In this interview, Taylor Hartman (18) talks with her dad Mike Hartman (58) about his days working at the fire department, which he describes as the best days of his life. Mike Hartman is a retired Fire Captain and Paramedic...

Interview with Robert Krejca

This interview is about my dad’s life as he explain his relationships to people, his outlook on life, and views in society.

Jacob And Larry Discuss His Childhood And Life

Jacob and Larry sit down and discuss a little bit about Larry’s childhood and life, as well as his relationship with his wife.

Interview with parent

I talk with my mother about her life and experiences.