Rabbi Klass Interview – Judaism

Interview with Rabbi about what it means to be Jewish, best part about the job and faith in general.

Family History: Tracing Back with Sophie and Linda

Sophie Haward interviewed her mum Linda Haward about family history in New Hope, PA. They discuss both sides of our family and their origins. One, in Eastern Europe, who journeyed to England in the Victorian era after religious discrimination. They...

Immigrating to the United States from the Soviet Union

An interview of life in the Soviet Union and immigration to the United States. The interview was conducted with a grandparent who lived in the Soviet Union.

Sasha Lewis and Julius Rothlein

One Small Step partners Sasha Lewis (45) and Julius "Jules" Rothlein (74) discuss their faith backgrounds, raising a transgender child, and some of the experiences that shaped their political views.

CSI Nyack – Esther Cember
November 20, 2022 App Interview

Esther Cember, age 93, Stella Freuman, age 11, Tamara Freuman, age 47, Alex afreuman, age 47. the discussion was about the history of Congregation Sons of Israel synagogue in Nyack, NY

Life is a fountain

We spoke about my grandfather’s grandparents. We spoke about his brother and what it was like being Jewish in the US and my grandpa’s decision to become an Israeli citizen. Lastly we spoke about his inspirations and his advice for...

Samuel Stahl and Maureen Rovegno

Rabbi Samuel Stahl (84) is interviewed by his colleague Maureen Rovegno (77) regarding the Chautauqua Institution, life experiences, and Jewish spirituality.

Irwin Goldenberg and Judith Vivell

Judith Vivell (82) interviews her new acquaintance Irwin Goldenberg (82) about the death of his grandmother, his long commitment to abortion rights, and the social work he's accomplished as a Rabbi.

family reflection

i interviewed my second cousins Michael and Suzanne Lawton, aged 58 and 57 respectively. We discussed Michael’s childhood and current life as a brain surgeon, with inputs from his wife, Suzanne.

StoryCorp history project: Mannon Kaplan

I interview my grandfather about his Jewish identity and his parents and grandparents

interview for school with dede

I learned a lot about my grandad and his life in this interview. It was very interesting to learn about him and his history and I have a lot of respect for him.

Interview with my Jewish friend

Just a test but it's cool anyway my dude


Max and I talked about his family, mostly about his father and grandfather. We discussed their relationships and also his relationships with his friends and their experiences together.

Andrea Farber De Zubiria and Murray Farber

Andrea Farber De Zubiria (57) talks with her father Murray Farber (88) about his family history in Poland before he was born, and his experience of growing up in a Jewish immigrant family in New York.

Bubbe and Philip

Me and bubbe discuss her childhood, her memories of historical events, and her relationship with Judaism and family