A warm afternoon with Grandma and Grandpa Mauser

A grandson interviews his two loving grandparents about everything from growing up in New York in the 1940s to Jewish cuisine and everything in between.

Daniel Wolf and his grandma Sheila Goldfarb discuss Sheila’s interesting and eventful life

This interview took place on November 24, 2017 in Rancho Santa Fe, CA. The interviewer is Daniel Wolf, who is interviewing his grandma, Sheila Goldfarb. The interview talks about Sheila's childhood, teen years, adult life, having children, and her eventual...

Jared Murray

Emily Bray, 20 years-old, interviews Jared Murray, 22 years-old. Jared is a Jewish male and talks about his life as a Jewish man, his family heritage, and facing religious prejudice in today’s world.

Zev and Saba

In this interview, I talk with my grandfather about his childhood in a work camp in Ukraine. His parents were killed as victims of the Holocaust and moved in with adoptive parents in Romania at age 5. We also discuss...

Bubbe and Philip

Me and bubbe discuss her childhood, her memories of historical events, and her relationship with Judaism and family

Susan Siegel and Stefani Priskos

Stefani Priskos (26) speaks with Susan Siegel (64) about her involvement in the Triangle Threshold Singers, a group that sings for individuals on the threshold of living and dying in North Carolina. This conversation was held via Zoom due to...

Patricia Rich and Michael Silverberg

Patricia Rich [no age given] and Michael Silverberg [no age given], recently married, talk about their lives and how they met through Central Synagogue and its Wise Aging program.

Andrea Farber De Zubiria and Murray Farber

Andrea Farber De Zubiria (57) talks with her father Murray Farber (88) about his family history in Poland before he was born, and his experience of growing up in a Jewish immigrant family in New York.

Kaylee Brown- Are Jews Treated Equal?

An insight to a college girl who speaks on her faith in the Jewish religion and how Judaism relates to American culture today.

Lydia interviews Nanny

Lydia interviews her grandmother about her family and childhood.

Charlotte Wile

We discussed my Grandma's upbringing as an American Jew in New York. We talked about various topics such as her family history, falling in love with my Grandpa, and her hopes and dreams for my future

Papa and Maya

Maya Bloss, 11 years old, interviews her grandfather, Bruce Frankel, 74 years old, on Thanksgiving, 2019 #greatlisten2019

Interview with my Jewish friend

Just a test but it's cool anyway my dude

Religion Interview – AN3205.01 – Rowan W

I interviewed Sharon about her experiences with Judaism, and how her belief system has formed over time.

Sarah Kelley and Susan Perry

[Recorded: Apostle Sarah Kelley (83) and Susan Perry have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Sarah was born and raised in Charlottesville, and shares early memories of experiencing segregation as a child and young adult. Sarah has been...

Dr. Barbara Mates interview

Growing up during WW2 as a Jew, religion, women’s rights, teaching, and the Great Depression all in one interview!


Max and I talked about his family, mostly about his father and grandfather. We discussed their relationships and also his relationships with his friends and their experiences together.

Jack Noble interviews his grandfather Alan Mensch on his life and his accomplishments

Jack Noble interviews Alan Mensh on November 22nd in Arnold Maryland starting with his childhood and school experiences as Jew. Then they discuss his jobs as a teenager until he joined the army as a medic during the war. Finally...

Shelby Butler and Jana De Benedetti

One Small Step conversation partners, Shelby Butler (29) and Dr. Jana De Benedetti (60), discuss their views on different topics, including abortion, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the US political party system.

Jewish roots

This is an interview about my dad and his relationship to his father. He speaks of my grandpa’s escape from the Nazis during World War 2 and about our Jewish roots.