Chad Ricks & Montserrat Archila

Chad shares with Montserrat the significance of Juneteenth and what it means to him. The importance knowing your personal and cultural history. Letting his spiritually help guide him when he faces challenges in his life.

Davian Chester and Delores Thompson

Delores Thompson [no age given] shares a conversation with her cousin, Davian Chester (28), about the Juneteenth Google Doodle that Davian illustrated and how the reception to that piece of art affected his life and career. Davian also talks about...

Thoughts from a gay teen.

I interviewed my 18 year old son who come out at 14. Just showing that it did not change who he is.

Sonoma Juneteenth 2022

The ideas and events that culminated in the inaugural Juneteenth celebration in Sonoma following the establishment of Juneteenth as a national holiday

Wally Long and James Sweeney

One Small Step partners James Sweeney (69) and Wally Long (63) discuss their community work, their mutual belief that the right to vote is "sacred," and why face-to-face conversations are so important.

Sara Trail and Emory Christian

Emory Christian talks with her niece, Sara Trail, about Juneteenth and her work as founder of the Social Justice Sewing Academy.

Ms. Velma Banks Wiley’s Experience

Ms. Velma Banks who is a graduate of Wiley College, comes back for the 150th anniversary of oh Wiley Dear. She tells us of her Wiley experiences and accomplishments of her successful life.


Mariluz Martinez has dealt with many things in life but overall has learned lessons after, especially by her mother.

Ken Signorello and Allene Swienckowski

One Small Step conversation partners Allene Swienckowski (73) and Ken Signorello (66) talk about diversity, equity and inclusion; critical race theory; and universal healthcare.

Joni Garcia and Beverly Rowls

Joni Garcia (67)and Beverly Rowls (72) share stories from their lives as educators and business owners. The two discuss a wide range of topics including individual political transformations.