An Interview With my Mother, Maria

Maria talks about how her life in America and how it’s better now than it was before when she lived in Mexico.

Creating a racial justice hero: Rachel Willis of Elevating Equity

This interview details how racial justice advocate Rachel Willis became who she is today as well as the personal and professional battles she faces everyday to create a flourishing legacy for herself and her country.

An Interview with Maria, an immigrant

Maria talks about how her life in America and how it’s better now than it was before when she lived in Mexico.

Interview with Abu

We spoke mostly about his career, his mother, and the key lesson in his life: kindness. He spoke a great deal about how multiple people, including strangers his mother, and people in higher positions than him taught him the value...

Interview with Gramps

I questioned my grandfather about growing up, his values and proudest moments, and what the future holds for him.

Living in The 1960s

I talked with my grandma and grandpa about there thoughts and what they remembered when living through the period. We covered my grandpa in the navy, my grandma in high school, their views and the public’s view on JFK. Communism,...

Maya O’Neill interviews her dad, Michael O’Neill, about growing up and lessons he has learned from his career.

This interview took place on November 26, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois. Maya O’Neill, a junior in high school, talks with her father, Michael O’Neill, who is currently a lawyer for his own firm. Maya asks her father about his childhood,...

Sister Lucianne Siers

Sister Lucianne and I met at the West Michigan Environmental Action Council's Climate March in fall 2015, where we realized we both participated in the Universal Human Rights Conference recognizing the 500th Anniversary of Montesinos in Washington DC in 2011....

Nicholas Piediscalzi and Christy Hightower
November 13, 2016 App Interview

Nicholas Piediscalzi, a retired United Church of Christ minister, talks to us about his personal experience and relationship to peace, as well as his work in peace-making in larger settings. As a minister in Chicago in the 1940s and 1950’s...

Sarah Crowell and Marc Bamuthi Joseph

Friends Sarah Crowell (55) and Marc Bamuthi Joseph (44) discuss the Black (W)hole project they are working on together, how coronavirus has shifted the way in which they create their performance pieces, the importance of multi-generational mentorship and the connection...

Curtis Reliford and Christy Hightower
November 6, 2016 App Interview

Curtis Reliford talks about overcoming racism and serious adversity to find and fulfill his life's purpose which is helping those who are experiencing hard times: hurricane Katrina victims and the Navajo and Hopi people. Curtis describes how he follows his...

Thomas Rhodes

My friend B suffers from addiction and I recount my interactions with my friend