Me and my dad

Just asking my dad a few questions about his life


A four year olds favorites

Parker Tharp // The Life of a 4 Year Old

We talked about his favorite things and what he wants to be.

Julia Peck’s Interview 11-28-19

My Mom and I talked mostly about what it was like when she was a kid, and what it was like when I was a baby. I learned more about my Mom through this interview.

Chatting With A Refugee Youth Worker, Julian Castro
September 12, 2019 App Interview

Julian Castro spent several years working with refugee children from Central America and decided to sit down with me on September 8th in Chicago, IL to share his experiences. Julian touches on his time caring for and being a support...

Strong forceful woman – Olivia Lario

Our interview was cut short due to tech issues, but our convo was definitely worth saving.

Lucinda Oliver

This is a woman’s perspective of growing up, working, and raising children in rural Colorado.

Father’s day 2019 – Claire

Proudest accomplishment, future, goals

Great Thanksgiving Listen – Kacey Miller interviewing Ron Miller

I asked my dad about what his life was like when he was younger and he reflected on it through some deeper thought out questions.

My Father

My dad is a strong man. He has taught me so many important things in life. I couldn’t even begin to imagine life without him. Thank you dad.

Great thanksgiving listen

What my mom was like when she was young

Running back in time

My father told a story about his dad’s running hobby. After that, he explained what he was most grateful for.

November 22, 2018 App Interview

Interview with my little cousin about her life as a five year old.

Snowden learns he can go back to soccer.

Snowden’s favorite thing in the world was playing soccer. Then his mom and dad were not able to pay for a season of his travel soccer team. How he handled it was impressive.

Evelyn Barnett and her Papa Richard Harless talk about his childhood, interview in Oxford Mississippi. Pt 1

I ask my Papa about his childhood. The Interview took place in Oxford Mississippi over the phone. The Interview took place on Saturday the 24th and 8:00 am. I interviewed my Papa (Richard Harless) who has been in the Military...