Jenny Rask interviews Ffather Gene Rask about his life.

Jenny Rask: 2021-02-08 01:38:50 interviews father Gene Rask about his life. My dad receives his first Covid vaccine. Remembering close friend Father Joe Pichoto’s life and family. Growing up with Joe Pichoto and Central Catholic friends. Treasured friendships, memories of...

Storytelling With Maya

Maya O’Keeffe (17) interviewed by Leilah O’Keeffe (20). Sisters talking about life, memories, family, and sisterhood.

Jenny Stiles and Jean Munson

Colleagues Jenny Stiles (33) and Jean Munson (32) discuss their connection, the work that they do in leadership and transforming language and conversations around disability.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen- Sophie Williams and My Grandmother Beverly Love

I (Sophie Williams) interviewed my grandmother (Beverly Love) about her past. We recorded this on her patio in College Station, Texas. I asked her about her college life, friendships, family, and more.

John and Leslie Boloian and Alex Wu

Andover Stories of American Identity: John and Leslie share their compelling family story relating to the trauma of the Armenian Genocide, immigrating to Andover as farmers, and creating a legacy through their land and culture.

Dennis Murphy and Liv Murphy

Dennis Murphy (53) and daughter Olivia "Liv" Murphy (18) discuss Liv's high school and college experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, and her plans for the future.

Katelyn interviews Kyle!!!!

I talked to Kyle Davies about his childhood and other earlier memories. Kyle talked about his personal life and talked about his perspective on things during this interview.

Jordan’s Interview

We talked about the general background questions that were given.

Betsabe Ramos and her family friend Gordan Kosobucki talk about his story of life in Wisconsin.

In this interview conducted in December 2019 in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, Betsabe Ramos interviews her family church friend Gordan Kosobucki about his childhood and experiences of life. Gordan shares stories about his youth and the Vietnam War. He also talks about...

Recording – 09-17-2023 21:48:33

I interviewed Aimee Mathew, who is turning 19 years old this October. She is my best friend since 2020.

Gwendolyn Quezaire-Presutti and Maraea Quezaire

Maraea Quezaire (23) shares a conversation with her grandmother, Gwendolyn Quezaire-Presutti (75), about Gwendolyn’s memories of growing up, her family, her work, her art, her travels, and her friendships.

My Grandpa’s Early Days

He talks about his childhood, funny school stories, and his relationship, now going on 60 years.

Interview: Charles Smith and Brenda Bravo

In this interview we talked about friendship, first impressions.

Mackenzie’s interview

Mackenzie talked about her experience at college and life lessons.

Understanding Points from the past

I’m this Interview, conducted in Novemeber 25th 2018 in San Pedro, California, Sasha Plescia(14) interviews her cousin Kaden Marsee (13) and they talked about, how different things, that could have affected are life now like, regrets, bad decisions etc.. Also,...

Betty Hockett and Steve Hockett

Steve Hockett and his mother Betty, age 90 who is on Providence hospice share family recollections of Betty's many missionary trips overseas to developing countries and the influence in her early life of reading and how being a prolific writer...

Bryan Cruz

Bryan talks about his closest friend and how he believes that they’ll still be friend in the future. As well talks about this family and how his parents inspire him. Also gives life advice towards the end.

Frances Boynton and Charlie Nelson

One Small Step partners Frances Boynton (63) and Charlie Nelson (67) sit down for a conversation as neighbors in the town of Richmond, VA. They find they agree that we have a lot more in common than we have differences,...