Scott Taylor and Nealy Ambron

One Small Step partners Scott Taylor (29) and Nealy Ambron (41) share a conversation about their time in the military. Scott also talks about his experience navigating his identity, questioning the beliefs he was raised with, and coming out to...

The Difference in News from Nepal to America: Anjoo Pokharel’s Take as a Former Journalist in Both Countries

Aayam Bastola interviews his mother Anjoo Pokharel, a former journalist, about the differences in news from Nepal to that in America. She delves into topics like revolts, western culture, and thirst for knowledge as she describes her point of view...

News Around the World

In conversation with WNBC anchor Michael Garguilo, Amanda Gaffney discusses his career and the effects it has had on his life.

Miguel Solis and Corbett Smith

Friends Miguel Solis (33) and Corbett Smith (43) talk about how they met their wives, how Corbett became a journalist, and Miguel's child's heart transplant.

J307: Osler McCarthy

My father talked about how he was raised, who his biggest influencers were, how he met my mother, and a few other questions.

Alyssa Fermin and Kenneth Fermin

Listen to Alyssa Fermin (18) and Kenneth Fermin (20) talk about Kenneth’s goals in life, our grandfather, and being kicked by six year olds.

Warren Olney and Andrea Brody

Friends and colleagues Warren Olney IV [no age given] and Andrea Brody [no age given] talk about Warren's rich history with journalism, which began in the 1960s, and has evolved into TV broadcasting, radio broadcasting, and podcasting. Together they talk...

Douglas Cumming and Sarah Cumming

Douglas "Doug" Cumming (71) talks with his daughter Sarah Cumming (32) about her experience with cancer. She shares how he has influenced her, and they talk about creativity as part of the healing journey.

Alison Caughman and Judy Walton

One Small Step partners Alison Caughman (74) and Judy Walton (68) have a conversation about being "military brats" and volunteers as well as their biggest challenges and greatest achievements.

Robin [no name given] and Bob Friedman

Robin [no name given] (73) speaks with her friend Bob Friedman (72) about the people who were the kindest to them, their dislike for politics, lying and unfairness, and the current political climate.

Press Freedom Means Supporting Quality Journalism

I can commit to supporting and sharing quality journalism along with holding my community accountable for news that they share. I can also work with members in my community to ensure that they can discern from fraudulent to factual news.

Mass Media, From Gen X to Z

Discussion ranging from different types of media, to generational struggles and differences.


Ashley M. Jones, writer, poet and founder of the Magic City Poetry Festival in Birmingham, discusses the meaning and the importance of press freedom in the U.S. with Eline Marx, from PEN America.

Diana Henriques Part I An interview with the award-winning financial journalist.

Award-winning financial journalist Diana B. Henriques discusses her life, significant stories and events in her career, her books, and conditions in journalism starting in the 1970s. As a staff writer for The New York Times from 1989 to 2012 and...

Timothy Kelly and Patrick Kelly

Timothy M. Kelly (69) tells his grandson, Patrick Kelly (18), about his 46 year Newspaper career and gives him advice about finding his passions.

Janice Denham: Writers for Life

Janice and Pam talk about writing in St. Louis and Janice’s decades of on the job and local journalism.


Reverend Debra J. Hopkins, LGBTQI rights activist and interfaith organizer in North Carolina, shares her views on the importance of press freedom in the U.S. with Eline Marx, from PEN America.

'A nonstop adventure': A father-son conversation on a life in journalism

Jim Trotter has worked in newspapers for more than 50 years, meeting larger-than-life figures along the way, like notorious segregationist Governor George Wallace and legendary Olympian Jesse Owens. He's covered events both globally historic, like the German reunification, and locally...

"It never occurred to me to work in science communication" an interview with Laurie Cantillo

Laurie Cantillo, the Deputy Director of Communications and Education at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, talks about her journey to become a science communicator. She developed an interest in science at an early age spending time in the outdoors with her...

Stephen Hudak and Mike Lafferty

Colleagues Stephen Hudak (60) and Mike Lafferty (62) talk about their work at the Orlando Sentinel. They reflect on the challenges that the journalism industry faces today, and on the importance of local journalism.

Maria Muñoz and Sharyn Obsatz

Colleagues Maria Muñoz (44) and Sharyn Obsatz (48) reflect on their relationships to education growing up and how their work and studies in the humanities led them to being professors at Santa Monica College.