Michael Remick and Jessica Remick

Jessica Remick (30) interviews her husband Michael Remick (31) about how his aneurism changed his life.

“We got it down to a science- everyone had a job”- Lee Stienbarger reflects on his years as coach of the Indiana Thump Jumpers

Lee Stienbarger (a.k.a. "Mr. S.") and Alison talk about the history of Richmond's competitive jump rope team- the Indiana Thump Jumpers, and how he functioned as a coach and trailblazer in a sport that was unknown to much of the...

Robert Holme and Paul Wylie

Friends Robert "Bob" Holme (51) and Paul Wylie (56), talk about how they met through their Olympic sports and how they learned about each others' events through competing in the Olympics. They discuss the ins and outs of ski jumping...

Gene Rodgers, Dennis Borel, and Joni Rogers

Dennis Borel (65) interviews his friend Gene Rodgers (62) about becoming quadriplegic and what he has done afterwards. Gene talks about his expedition to Mount Everest and the TV shows he has made.

Pressure On Young Athletes In Sports

Mike Yorke talks with his brother, Dave Yorke, about pressure on young athletes in sports.