E. Larry Keating and Audrey Gilmore

E. Larry Keating (81) talks with his granddaughter, Audrey Gilmore (17), about his work and life entwined with the places he's lived. They discuss the values impressed by locales ranging from Ireland to Lake Allatoona, Georgia, and the ways in...

Claudia Lakey and James Duke

Claudia Lakey (53) speaks with her father James Duke (81) about her maternal grandmother, who unionized a steam laundry where she worked. Claudia and James remember Claudia's grandmother and speak about their family in the present day.

Donald Mullin and Emily Jacobs

One Small Step partners Donald "Gordon" Mullin (76) and Emily Jacobs (47) share their political influences, how their views have evolved, and their hopes & fears for our country.

"Ingrid Kimble Peterson and Joyce Shaw Peterson"

Joyce Shaw Peterson (81) talks with her granddaughter, Ingrid Kimble Peterson (12) about her work as a history professor.

Zach Koutsky and Barbara Koutsky

Zach Koutsky (35) talks to his mother Barbara Koutsky (70) about her life, being a mother and grandmother, and her career as a teacher.