EC Interview

I decided to interview my dad John Weigand. He grew up in a big family in Fortwayne, Indiana with 4 brothers and 1 sister. His life was filled with sports, fun, and working hard. As he grew up, he attended...

Allison’s Crazy Beautiful Life

Allison is a student-athlete at the University of Detroit Mercy. This interview was a chance for her to reflect on her last four years studying and playing lacrosse. As well as a chance to look into what her future holds....

Lacrosse coach
February 24, 2019 App Interview

Interview with Pen High JV lacrosse coach about his lacrosse background

Lauren Talks

We talked about her life while playing lacrosse and the people who have impacted her life.

Coach Moore interview

Why is lacrosse considered a club sport at high schools instead of a school supported sport?

Interview with Amanda

10 minute interview with Amanda Phillips, good friend and teammate.

Lainey Mihalich Interviews Samantha Stewart About Her Life and Dreams

This is an interview with Lainey Mihalich’s close friend Samantha Stewart. Samantha will talk about how her life is currently (specifically where she is at with her lacrosse) and her future.

A conversation with Jackson Spires

Jackson and I talked about all kinds of things! From vacations to his career to goals and even a note to his great great grandchildren