"I feel I am doing in my life what I need to do to help other people"

For the Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019, Anna Deems interviews her aunt Janet Poerschke. Janet talks about her childhood growing up on a farm in Pennsylvania with a large family. She shares many stories from her youth, her favorite travel memories...

Brenda Fittante Weeks and Emily Baker

Sisters Emily Fittante Baker (93) and Brenda Fittante Weeks (66) discuss family history and share memories of growing up in a family of 17 siblings.

Ellen Goslin, Trina Goslin, and James Goslin

Ellen Goslin (89) tells her son James "Jim" Goslin (66) and daughter-in-law Trina Goslin (65) about her upbringing, her family life, and the advice she has for her grandchildren.

Bubba’s Interview

Interview discussing military service, growing up with a large family, and life lessons.

Interviewing Jenny
November 27, 2017 App Interview

Growing up the youngest of eight girls, moving frequently, memories and childhood

Angela Mayer and Venita Blackburn

One Small Step conversation partners Angela Mayer (51) and Venita Blackburn (38) talk about their shared curiosity about other people, impactful moments from their youth, the importance of education, and their frustrations with their political parties.

E. Price and Marian French

Marian French (89) talks to her granddaughter, E. "French" Price (26), about life in the Valley and her close-knit family.

Isabella Mukankusi and Zazil Davis-Vazquez

Isabella Mukankusi (46) talks to her new friend Zazil Davis-Vazquez (27) about her experiences growing up in Uganda, being a mother, and as a lawyer who is studying in Columbia's Human Rights Advocacy Program.

John Rouff and Barbara Rouff

John Rouff (37) and his mother Barbara Rouff (73) discuss life as a son and a mother in an 11 child household.

The Story of David Fox Part 2
December 28, 2022 App Interview

David Fox, 80. Growing up in northern Michigan in a large family, trade school

Chris Dorn and Beth Dorn

Chris Dorn shares the experience of his impending death from lung cancer. He spoke with his sister, Beth. Chris died one week after this was recorded.

David Wong and Sophie Wong

David Wong (73) talks with his daughter Sophie Wong (42) about how his life has unfolded since he immigrated from China in the 1940s. He describes how he stays positive, all the different kinds of jobs he has kept, falling...