“At Wellesley, every leader was a woman. And so to me, learning that women could do all those leadership roles, was really transformative.”

Deborah Birnbach ’87 and Shannon Langston ’87 discuss the strength behind a group of women, and how Wellesley’s positive environment empowered them in their career choices.

“I look back on what were the things we felt we accomplished the most.”

Lulu Chow Wang ’66 talks with former Wellesley College President Diana Chapman Walsh ’66 about the importance of seeing female role models in positions of power.

“Wellesley prepared me to be fearless.”

Alexa Rice ’11 and her aunt Desiree Rogers ’81 reflect on how their Wellesley experience as women of color prepared them to be bold in every aspect of their life.

Interview with my dad

An interview with my dad regarding soft skills and his experiences in the professional world.

Leadership interview project

This is an interview with my Dad who shows leadership skills in his his and past experience in the military.

Election night @wellesley

Sisters and daughters talk about leadership at Wellesley and in the world.

Everywhere I’ve met up with Wellesley women, I think, ‘Ah ha!’

Martha Teichner and Milly Cooper Glimcher reflect on how their experiences at Wellesley fostered their interests and ambitions, and share their thoughts on how Wellesley prepares women to enter the public sphere.

Samuel Surowitz and Nicolas Cadena

Samuel Surowitz (30) talks to new acquaintance Nicolas Cadena (26) about his military experience and current work as Director of Veteran Services at the University of Dayton. He talks about his understanding of effective leadership and mentorship, especially in assisting...

APUSH Interview with Nana and Pop Pop

Talking to Nan and Pop about how their childhood was different form ours and how things have changed from when they were younger to today. Essential to analyze the way things have changed over time.

A role of leadership

Were conversation was about my mom’s leadership role at her company.

An Educator's Experience in the Classroom, and in Life.

In this interview, conducted in Silverado, California, Halley McIntire (19) interviews her grandfather, Stu Gothold (83) to talk about his experience as an educator, father, and husband. Dr. Gothold also shares his wisdom about leadership, and advises the future generations...

My Strength

I used my strength as a leader in a first grade class that I interned in

“Some of them as young as five and six had passed away throughout the course of the year”

Alex Semper Upton was a camp counselor for several years through many programs and leaderships. In this interview, she talks about becoming a certified lifeguard, putting on fun shows, and working with kids with Cystic Fibrosis. She talks about how...

Adrian Montague and James Shuttleworth

Co-Founders of Flint Soup, Adrian Montague (33) and James Shuttleworth (36) reflect on starting Flint Soup, why this kind of non-profit work was important to them, and the kinds of impact they’ve achieved.

Grandson interviews Grandfather about his life

In this interview, I sat down and chatted with my grandfather who is on my fathers side. In addition to that, we talked about how he grew up as a child in North Carolina and Chicago, his time in the...

What it was like at Hillary Clinton’s “victory party” on 11/8/2016

Ella and her mentor/manager Nadia reflect on their experience at Hillary Clinton’s “victory party” at the Javits Center on election night 2016, and on what Clinton’s loss meant to them as women and coworkers.

Joumeel McLaurine Interview Part 1

This is an interview with Joumeel McLaurine, the planting pastor of Ascend Church — a life giving church coming to Royal Oak in the Spring of 2018. Joumeel is currently the Administrative Pastor at the First Church of Sterling Heights...