A role of leadership

Were conversation was about my mom's leadership role at her company.

Self Interview- Leadership

I share what I have done to be a better leader, and also share that leadership is a two way street, meaning you have to guide yourself first, and then help others after.

Growing up

My dad talks about what it was like growing up working for his dad and the different challenges and life lessons that came from doing so.

Coaching a Team

Nick talks about why benign a swim coach is is a good experience to better leadership skills.

Recording – 08-18-2023 06:38:10

Steve Gitelis reflects on the 20th Century Orthopaedic association and Blair and Dody Filler

Conversation with Tom Lennon, United States Navy Veteran
November 18, 2023 App Interview

I had a conversation with Mr. Lennon about his inspiration to serve, specific experiences on carriers overseas, and lessons of leadership he learned as well as implemented as a Captain. Mr. Lennon discussed his initial reactions and officers he looked...

Interview About Leadership

We talked about a lot, from becoming a stay at home mom, to marriage, to trusting your gut, and so much more.

“Some of them as young as five and six had passed away throughout the course of the year”

Alex Semper Upton was a camp counselor for several years through many programs and leaderships. In this interview, she talks about becoming a certified lifeguard, putting on fun shows, and working with kids with Cystic Fibrosis. She talks about how...

Interview With My Mom

We talked about her experience as a first generation Asian immigrant and also her experience with parenting and how she had leadership doing those things

Mason Dunn and Grace Sterling Stowell

Mason Dunn (35) interviews his friend and mentor, Grace Sterling Stowell (63), about the way that language helps in developing personal identity and the shifts that language has taken in the last 4 decades in the wider LGBTQ+ movement.

John Jones and Rebecca Snell

One Small Step partners John Jones (55) and Rebecca Snell (55) discuss patriotism, the affects of the Covid-19 pandemic, and advice they'd give their younger selves.

William Menke and Thomas Gilbert

Former coworkers William "Bill" Menke (80) and Thomas "Tom" Gilbert (71) remember their time working together at the beginning of the North Country Trail (NCT) and the challenges and wins they both experienced on the job.

Leadership Interview: a Father and Daughter Discuss the Importance of Leadership

This interview discusses the leadership style and personal experiences of a father based on the Five Leadership Pillars.

Dr. Pat Schwallie-Giddis and Randal Schwallie

Dr. Pat Schwallie-Giddis (81) speaks with her son Randal Schwallie (60) about her life and career path

Interview with Dalton Sallengs

Dalton speaks about his life, lessons learned, and lessons to pass down.

Lisa Nutter and Denise Barreto

Friends and colleagues Lisa Nutter (58) and Denise Barreto (51) talk about the history of their relationship and their shared work on Community Impact Investment.

Story corps interview project

How my mom takes leadership in her family, and what she thinks about justice

Erik Bitterbaum talks about his life with SUNY Cortland students

Erik Bitterbaum begins by recalling his life traveling the world. He describes his upbringing, education, and professional career, all the way up through becoming the university president at SUNY Cortland. He talks about how he remembers people so well, and...

Angelia Barfield and Susan Xiong

One Small Step conversation partners Angelina "Angie" Barfield (50) and Susan Xiong (39) talk about their family backgrounds and upbringing, the importance of education and community, and their frustrations with the current state of politics.

Megan cherry talking about leadership roles

Megan Cherry discusses about her leadership experience and some challenges that she faced.

Heather Watkins and Roxann Nammour

Heather, Clinical Nutrition Manager with Providence Infusion and Pharmacy in Eastern WA and Oregon Talks about her not straight path into the role she has at present moment. Alternative nutrition support and how important it is for those who cannot...

The Spirit of Denali
October 10, 2018 App Interview

David Lucchino remembers attempting to climb Denali with a NOLS expedition led by Phil Powers and Jim Ratz in 1994. What he learned along the way was more important than the summit.