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hole you cant get out of

Interviewing my teacher. Who gave me a little background of what inspired him most.

Priya Mittal interviews her mom about her life

I interviewed my mom about her childhood, her siblings, and just all the lessons she’s learned in life.

Interviewing my dad as a business owner

I had asked my dad a series of questions on his childhood and starting and continuing his business to be successful

Interview of Steve

Son talking to his father about some life lessons and regrets he has learned and made in his past along with other questions

Mother and i

Life of my mother growing up as a kid and meeting friends who meant alot to her as a child. My mother growing up into a mature young adult who met my father at a young age. Also telling stories...

Learning from empowerment

Through this interview, I have had the chance to interview my mom. We talked about struggles that she went through, important lessons, and how to make it in the United States as an immigrant. Furthermore we spoke about the importance...

THEATER assignment

I interviewed my godmother Genie Navarro. We discussed life lessons, journeys and people in her life.

Interview with my Grandfather on Sunday, 11/4/2021

I was interviewing my Grandfather, who is living in Vietnam and we talked about his parents, what was the most important lesson he learned in life as well as who was his influencer and what did he learn about them.

Aunt Nancy interview

A nice interview on thanksgiving

interview with mom

this interview is Brady Hauptman,16, interviewing Melissa Brubaker,46, Melissa is Brady’s mom. We discussed the lessons she has learned, advice and fun memories.

Mr highshoe

It a interview about my fist period teacher since I Stated in city high school

Lesson 8 Assignment, Interview

Me and George went over the questions given in the rubric and gave our thoughts as well as takes on the different questions and each others lives.

2019 – Grancy – Nancy (Schutte) Flint VonRotz

This was our first interview with Grancy about her life and all the special moments. We hope to do this again next year.

The Great Thanksgiving Interview.

I interviewed my cousins brother in law. I asked a little bit about his life and learned some things that will help me as Im growing up. This is a very good interview and you can really learn things you...

What was it like getting the letter in the mail saying you had been deferred from Duke?

Megan and I discussed how hard it was for her to overcome the difficulties of being differed and later denied... from her dream school.

Fun with grandma

We talked about herclife and lessons shes learned

The Life of Abuelo

The focus of the interview was the life of Rafael Marques, my grandfather. It is inspiring to hear that coming from so little in the beginning of his life, my abuelo was able to become something amazing because of his...

Thanksgiving Listen

The focus on this interview was mainly Michael’s life and the lessons he has learned.

A time with my sister to remember about the most of life.

We were talking about was that I just asking question I have wanted to my sister and she would answer it. Later on we would have fun and talk about all they we wanted to say as it was a...