Trudy Alexander

Grandson interviews grandmother amidst advanced cancer


Josie talks about how she has come since being a child, and how she has become more brave.

Jane Richardson, Patty Dominguez, and Dr. Claire Davies

Former librarian and branch manager, Jane Richardson [no age given], shares a conversation with her friends Dr. Claire Davies [no age given] and Patty Dominguez [no age given] about Jane's experiences and perspectives as a librarian. They also talk about...

Tiffany Do and her librarian, Cindy Die, talks about her happiest moments in Boston, Massachusetts.

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Boston, Massachusetts, Tiffany Do (16) interviews her librarian Cindy Die (60) about her happiest moments in her college experience. Ms. Die shares stories about what she have learned in life as she...

Kathy Gambles and David Joy

David Joy (38) speaks with his friend, mentor, and bonus grandma to his children, Kathy Gambles (75), about their decades of friendship, starting when David was a kindergartener in Kathy's library. They discuss what they've learned from each other, the...

Emily Lynott and her grandma Joan Laracuente discuss growing up and memories in Oakland, New Jersey

In this interview, conducted on November 24, 2017, Emily Lynott (14) and her grandmother Joan Laracuente (74) talk about early life and friendships in New York, occupations of herself, her parents, and her husband, and memories from her childhood and...

First grade introduced Bonnie Blackburn Henrie to the magic of a library and books

Recorded May 8, 2018 -- With a lifetime love of books and learning, Bonnie Blackburn Henrie described her introduction to a library when she attended first grade in the basement of the St. George Library, Bonnie stands in front of...

Bonnie Scherr and Rachael Perez

Coworkers Bonnie Scherr (60) and Rachael Perez (23) share a conversation about their experiences living in Dalton, Georgia, the books that have impacted them, their work in the library, and the roles they see themselves filling in their community.

Kelly Martin and Beth Vise

One Small Step conversation partners Kelly Martin (42) and Beth Vise (48) discuss politics, diversity, and their work as educators.

Carmaine Ternes and Tom Phillips

One Small Step conversation partners Carmaine Ternes (62) and Tom Phillips (65) share their political values, such as education and tolerance, as well as their work in their communities.

Kathleen Knoth and Kerry Callegari

Sisters Kathleen Knoth (65) and Kerry Lynn Callegari (67) discuss their careers, the University of New Mexico Taos Library, and their experiences as first-generation college students.

Reporter to Librarian

Aimee Lockhardt has been a librarian at Dover Public Library for 8 years. Before that she worked as a reporter for a local paper. We interview her about her transition from reporter to librarian and why she decided to make...

My Librarian

I asked her some personal questions about her life.

Debbie Hoeker and Sarah Mauldin

One Small Step partners Debbie Hoeker (59) and Sarah Maudlin (46) discuss relationships with grandparents, enjoying kids without becoming a parent, and the challenges of finding community after the pandemic.

Interview w Mrs Wright

I interviews my old teacher from elementary school and middle school. She has known me since I was very little and has name a huge impact on my life.

John Ramirez and Maira Sanchez

Coworkers, John Ramirez (33) and Maira Sanchez (25), have a conversation about sandwiches, their experiences, Hispanic culture, their job at the library, and how their life has been since COVID-19 began.

Karla With a K and Lucinda Whitehurst

Karla with a K (64) and Lucinda Whitehurst (58) talk in their One Small Step conversation about racism in Virginia, the impact that slavery has had on the U.S. historically, and the COVID-19 vaccine.