Richelet Jean, Hasina Islam, and Abigail (no name given)

Richelet Jean (42) speaks with librarian Hasina Islam (27), as well as his daughter Abigail (no last name given) (7), about how Hasina's work with families at the public library has made a huge impact on Abigail's learning, curiosity, and...

Laura Beth Walker and Dorothy Fitts

Laura Beth Walker (48) shares a conversation with her colleague Dorothy Fitts (77) about the meaning of the Oxford Library to their community and the importance of the services it provides.

Mary Beth Hollenbach and Rebecca Ray

Mary Beth Hollenbach (59) talks with friend and Rebecca Ray (47) about her unexpected, but incredibly fulfilling job as librarian. She recalls some of the most memorable moments she's had as a librarian and explains why she loves her job.

Benjamin Egerman and Flory Gessner

Coworkers and friends Flory Gessner (33) and Benjamin "Ben" Egerman (35) reflect on specific moments in their lives that led to their decision to become librarians. They discuss gay history and queer culture and the inclusive community that can be...

Cathy [No Name Given] and Lynn Ratzmann

Lynn Ratzmann (age 57) interviews her library colleague, Cathy T (age 51) about her decision to become a librarian and her career path.

Kristine Olsen and Dara Schmidt

Colleagues Kristine Olsen (39) and Dara Schmidt (41) talk about their work at the Cedar Rapids Public Library, what their experiences of the library were like as young people, and the fulfillment they feel in their work as librarians.

Ken Behringer and Valerie Horton

Ken Behringer (66) talks with Valerie Horton (59) about their work as librarians over several decades--changes they've seen, what makes the Minnesota library system unique, and what they think makes libraries successful.

Megan Mcfarland and Tony Esper

Seasonal park rangers Megan Mcfarland (62) and Tony Esper (63) discuss what it's like to work at Mount Rushmore during the summer and winter months, talking about the behind-the-scenes of park maintenance as well as some of their favorite aspects...

Silvia Bunn and Deborah Clark

Coworkers Silvia Bunn (67) and Deborah Clark (60) gather to honor and appreciate Deborah's years of service at the Mildred L. Terry Public Library, the first public library for African Americans in Columbus, GA. Deborah reminisces about coming to the...

Ani Crane and Cailey Klasson

Library patron Ani Crane (80) talks to children's librarian Cailey Klasson (33) about moving to Gulfport, FL from New York City. They talk about some of their favorite books. Ani describes the joy of being in "act three" of her...

Aimee [No Name Given] and Stan Burke

One Small Step partners Aimee [No Name Given] (44) and Stan Burke (66) discuss government size and the importance of social programs, gender identity, raising children with and without special needs, the state of democracy and our electoral system. and...

Karen Johnson Slaton and Selena Martinez

Colleagues Karen Johnson Slaton (59) and Selena Martinez (24) share a conversation about their work as librarians, the value of libraries, their library’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and where they see libraries headed in the future.

Erma Banks and Callie McGinnis

Friends and colleagues, Erma Banks [no age given] and Callie McGinnis (77), discuss their former workplace: Columbus Area Library Association (CALA). They talk about the formation of the organization, pivotal characters in its development, and the events they created to...

Willie Johnson and Flo Valentine

Willie "Will" Johnson (46) interviews his friend and patron Flo Valentine (77) about her childhood in One-Spot, Maryland, her parents, her siblings, and what she wanted to be when she grew up.

Elijah Cummings and Roswell Encina

Congressman Elijah Cummings (64) talks to Roswell Encina (45) about the impact the Enoch Pratt Library has had on his life since being in Special Education as a child, and his gratitude to the librarians who encouraged him to excel.

Carolyn Head and Dennis Head

Carolyn S. Head (69) talks with her son Dennis Head (51) about the role and impact of libraries in their lives, influences and family values, the importance of service work, and moments that have changed or defined their paths in...

Rachel Masilamani and Leigh Anne Focareta

Rachel Masilamani (39) speaks to her friend and fellow librarian, Leigh Anne Focareta (43), about her fear of the racism and xenophobia surrounding the upcoming 2016 presidential election. She speaks about how she works these themes, among others, into her...