A New Take on the Library of Congress

The authors of “I, Too, Sing America: The African American Book of Days” reflect on images from Library of Congress and propose a new project

John Jacobs and Joshua Santos

John Jacobs (32) shares a conversation with his friend and coworker Joshua Santos (31) about the world today, the future, their experiences as comedians, and their friendship.

Vincent Cianni and Richie Velasquez

Vincent Cianni (65) talks with his friend and collaborator Richie Velasquez (42) about their work documenting the skaters of Williamsburg in the landmark photography book We Skate Hardcore. They also talk about the deep friendship that they have found through...

Clara O'Daniel and Hannah Livingstone

One Small Step conversation partners Clara O'Daniel (62) and Hannah Livingstone (21) talk about their experience with homeschool, passions for history, the importance of forgiveness, and the complexities in library censorship.