Nurse 234 assignment
November 29, 2018 App Interview

Life satisfaction and opinions on entire life span as well as death.

Ron Stuewe

My dad,whom I look up to immensely, opens up about his life for one of the first times to me.

Interview with my grandpa, Christopher “Kit” Riley

Interview with my grandpa about life, childhood at Avondale, and his advice

thanksgiving interview

My gram and I sat down before thanksgiving and talked about her life and important people that came into her life.

Will and Toni

Toni (15) talked to her host dad Will (42) about his life and the people he loves, especially his wife Cheryl. She always new that Will had a very close relationship to god and loves his family like nothing else,...

The Life of my Grammy

My grandma tells me about her life- growing up, meeting the love of her life, raising a family, her career, and her enjoying retirement.

Interviewing My Father on His Life

My father and I discuss his struggles in life, his experiences and other things.

Service learning project about my mom, Pattinee Suvansingh

This is an interview about my mom and her life as she moved from Thailand to America. For the Service Learning project; Grover Cleveland Charter HS.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interviewed my Nana. In this interview we discussed many things from childhood to current life. I got to know some things even i didn’t know about my nana. She explains a lot of her childhood, and what she enjoyed...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen: Interview with my grandmother

I interviewed my grandmother, she had many stories to tell about her younger years. Shared stories of her growing up living in a full household. She reminisced on meeting her husband of 59 years and shared with me her saddest...

thanksgiving listen

My grandma shares stories of her youth and things she’s learned over the years

Project Interview with my mom

We mostly seemed to talk about the education and decisions my mom made in her life. Coming to America was a really big deal, and it changed our lives. Focusing on religion was also a big deal, as it made...

Sydney Sosa interviews her grandpa about his early life.

Sydney interviews her grandpa about his childhood, family, pervious jobs, and many other things. She is so glad she could have this experience with him to learn more about his life.

Grandmas journey

We mainly talked about my grandmas childhood and experiences in life. What it was like to become a mother and enjoying family.